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    A Happy New Year 2010!

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I know I'm anticipating a little bit, but the New Year is coming fast and I won't have time in the next few days. In a few hours (well, some more for those of you who live in America) we will be with our beloved ones waiting for 2010 with the traditional...
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    Benedict XVI opens to the Anglo-Catholics

    Today the Pope has made a long-awaited move towards the Anglo-Catholics who were asking for reunion with the See of Rome. He has instituted a "Personal Ordinariate" for those Anglo-Catholics who will accept to enter in communion with the Roman Pontiff. The conditions will allow them to preserve...
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    Beautiful Religious Paintings

    This thread started here:  Icon of Theotokos  -PtA That's the second picture what I have already seen! Thx for posting those pictures, Liza! In Christ,   Alex
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    Semipelagianism, Original Sin and Ancestral Sin

    Dear brethren, in the recent and still on-going discussion on the Immaculate conception, it came as a result that the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian views on sin are noticeably different. For the sake of clarifying this point of view, I propose to face this topic again – hoping that this...
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    Prayer for a great woman who slept in the Lord, and her family

    Dear brethren, I'm experiencing one of the most terrible moments in my life... a great woman - the mother of my ex-girlfriend and of a child I used to help with homeworks and whom I greatly love as if he were my son - has just died tonight leaving for a better life her husband and four children...