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    Re: For Nancy, Frank's widow, now also departed

    Yesterday Nancy died unexpectedly.  She was literally mid sentence when her heart stopped and the paramedics diagnosed asystole, with no attempts at resuscitation successful despite immediate CPR and a full spectrum of treatments.  It was like someone flicked a switch.  I loved nancy very much...
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    Really mean non-Orthodox priest ejects autistic boy from private baptism

    In what is among the worst cases of pastoral care I have seen, a truly mean Roman Catholic priest during a private baptism ceremony kicked out the autistic brother of the baby girl being baptized, for the lamest possible reason, that being the boy was distracting him. ...
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    For my late friend Frank (Memory eternal) and his widow Nancy

    After a short illness, one of my very best friends, Frank, died in the ICU yesterday morning.  Please pray for him, and also please pray for his widow Nancy. Also please pray for my mother and myself as we are both very sad, Frank having been a very good friend and, back when he was in better...
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    For my friends wife who is having major surgery

    My best friend’s wife Maria is having surgery under General anaesthesia on Friday morning.  Please pray for her and her husband.  They are Eastern Orthodox Christians.
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    List of Orthodox (EO/OO), Catholic and Anglican Parishes Still Open in US

    My governor yesterday banned religious services of more than ten people, but some states are not even locked down.  ROCOR was still providing services as of last Sunday in my state. I’d like to get a list of any states or cities where churches are still operational.  EO, OO, Catholic, Church of...
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    For Isabella, an 8 year old girl in the Hospital

    A dear friend of mine waw was extremely distressed by the fact her 8 year sister Isabella is in hospitsl. Please pray, and ask your priests at the Divine Liturgy tomorrow to pray, that Isabella makes a full recovery and that her relatives, especially her elder Katherine, are filled with divine...
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    Requiem and Nuptial Liturgies

    Is anyone familiar with the Divine Liturgy being served during a memorial service before a burial?  The famous Greek Orthodox cathedral in Los Angeles was and probably still is listing funerals as Divine Liturgies; I called years ago to inquire about a service on the 23rd to see if it was the...
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    Houseling cloth? And also, interesting concentrations of beautiful churches

    What do we call the cloth that is held by two servers (usually) before each priest serving communion in the Eastern Orthodox liturgies?  The cloth used to catch any drops from the spoon or loose particles of the Eucharist. The Roman Catholics and extremely high church Anglicans use in the...
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    First Crematorium opens in Greece over Church objections This is extremely sad.  The destruction of the human body in this pagan rite is evil and pernicious.
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    On Rue Daru, and the Rights and Privileges of Autonomous Churches

    How generous of him. Nevermind that the suppression of Rue Daru was uncanonical and entirely destructive. There is, as far as I can tell, no precedent in all of Orthodoxy for an autonomous church to be suppressed or subjected to arbitrary changes by the autocephalous church whose Omophorion it...
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    This rubs me the wrong way

    While googling a book on the Armenian divine office, which included “Ritual” in the title, this most unpleasant add appeared on the Google ad sense ads, which normally fail to catch my eye: We live in a dark time when someone feels like they can make money posting that as a Google adwords...
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    Backups and Manpages, for Rakovsky

    Rakovsky has asked if we have backups.  This thread is my full response, and might be the Geekiest thread ever posted in the long and storied annals of OCNet, but better to be a Geek than a Nerd, I’ve always said (not that I am calling Rakovsky a nerd; that would be rather a low blow). Well...
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    Welcoming our new Creative Director

    At the request of Anastasios, I am pleased to announce Story is now our new Creative Director, responsible for the beautification of OCNet through graphics design and front-end web development.  She will also be responsible for the recruitment and guidance of any additional talent.  So please...
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    Rennovationist Liturgical Reform in Russia

    On Kindle, I happened across an amazing book.  The first paragraph summarizes it: You can buy the book for $5 US on Kindle, here: ...
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    Major Upgrades This Week, and New Security Features (SSL)

    For the next week, we will be doing some heavy lifting to improve security, prepare the forum for a software upgrade later in the year, and possibly, God willing, improve the graphics art.  We have a frontend developer and artist we are in talks with now about volunteering, but if anyone else...