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    W.A.G.-word association game

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    Lay Participation in Liturgy Survey

    Finnish Orthodox Church: Mostly no but there's some variation. Sometimes cantor indicates that laity are encouraged to participate so it does happen but not sure if there's some norm or maybe bishop, rector, priest, cantor etc. has some liberty on this.
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    Please Pray For My Prodigal Son!

    Lord, have mercy.
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    From Greek Archdiocese - Should this be concerning?

    I don't think Eucharist can spread disease but I don't see how this is anyhow relevant in practice when it comes to attending services. Eucharist won't make you sick but not keeping social distance and kissing thinks can certainly make you sick.
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    The Vatican Conference Promote Mary as “a Jewish, Christian and Muslim Woman” and a “Bridge” Between Roman Catholic and Islamic World

    Sounds fairly weird to say that the Mother of God was a Muslim. Of course that's a Muslim view but a Christian can't say something like that so maybe something was lost in translation.
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    What is everyone reading?

    Just read this: It's a biography of a mother and an amphetamine addict. Picked it up to have some glimpse of "lifestyle" I have zero contact with. The book was quite good but the story was really heartbreaking. Still reading on-and-off Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Next up probably...
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    W.A.G.-word association game

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    Picture of the Day

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    Random Postings

    I'm trying to switch to Firefox from Chrome. Feels weird. Last time I used something else than Chrome was on high school.
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    What's everyone listening to?

    Weird. Everything's fine on phone but desktop version of Youtube doesn't seem to like it. Anaway, it's Imala Maika by Piirpauke.
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    What's everyone listening to?

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    Video of the Day

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    What's everyone listening to?

    Here you go.
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    Random Postings

    I don't know whether there's such thing. It depends on the field. In my case I guess the standard hours would be between 8:00 and 16:15 but it really varies on the day and whether you've previously done some extra hours. What I did was the absolute required minimum which is allowed without...
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    Random Postings

    I usually hate my job but I like the fact I have fairly lenient office hours. Today I opened laptop 9:30 and closed 14:00. Lunch was one hour. Life is good.