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    Visitation of His Beautitude

    Gosh, it seems like a lot was read into Mikho's answer. While it may have been somewhat tendentious and deserving of a request to use more neutral language, it did not appear so barbed as to deserve getting jumped all over. I would hate to lose his participation in the forum.
  2. ambrose

    Fr. Paul Tarazi's NT Commentaries

    Posh. Much of the thinking that has come out of St. Vladimir's, for example the writings of Fr. Alexander Schmeman on Liturgy, is clearly Orthodox and quite challenging to the dominant modes of "Western thought." Breathtaking, the confidence with which so many converts to Orthodoxy, even...
  3. ambrose

    Fr. Paul Tarazi's NT Commentaries

    I'm a little taken aback by the supercilious attitude toward Fr. Tarazi, who enjoys enormous respect as an entirely Orthodox Bible scholar within the OCA and by many other Orthodox Christians. While it is true that many scholars have grown increasingly sceptical in the past decade about the...
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    OCA here; a former Episcopalian, I was chrismated at Pentecost, 2001.
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    Orthodox Pilgrimage

    Christ is in our midst! I'd love to hear by e-mail from others interested in an Orthodox pilgrimage to holy sites in Greece and nearby, including Mt. Athos. I'm hoping to link up with people interested in bucking the "religious tourism" trend, in favor of an emphasis on Orthodox ascetical...