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    Orthodox Saint William?

    I am wondering if there is an Orthodox saint with the name of William? I haven't been able to find one, so I thought I'd ask. Thank you.
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    Jean Yves Leloup

    I was handed a book called Compassion and Meditation: the Spiritual Dynamic Between Buddhism and Christianity by Jean Yves Leloup.  He apparently is a French Orthodox priest. Here is his website:  Has anyone read of this book or know of this priest?
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    Confused about churches

    I hope this is the right place for this question. I am confused after looking at churches online. I was trying to find the closest Orthodox church to us. There was an OCA mission church nearby but it seems to be gone and the priest now serving in Portland. But another website came up in the...
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    Child's prayer book

    I've done a search and didn't come up with an answer, though I might have missed it. Could someone recommend a good children's prayer book?  There are a couple on this website:  Is one better than the others? Thank you.
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    Learning about Saint Herman

    Is this a good book for learning about Saint Herman?
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    Fatal accident

    Last night a fellow deputy of my husband's was in an accident.  He was critically injured, and my husband just got word that he died. His name was Mike, and he leaves behind a wife and children.  Please join me in praying for his family, and also for  my husband and all the other deputies, as...
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    Thank you for your prayers re: induction

    I wanted to say thank you so much for your prayers regarding my induction. Everything went well once I got there, and Emelia Grace was born Jan. 29th with no problem. She is doing very well! Again, many thanks!  :D Andrea
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    Prayer request for Induction tonight

    Hi, could I please ask for your prayers again? Tonight I am being induced. I go in at 7 pm and go from there. Everything should go smoothly, but could you please pray everything goes well and the baby is fine and healthy? If all goes well we will be bringing Emelia Grace home tomorrow night...
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    Family Decisions

    Hi! Could I please ask for some prayers? We are faced with a decision on which job opportunity my husband should pursue-one would take us from WA to MN and one would take us back to AK. Or perhaps we should decide to stay here. We are so horribly confused right now as to what would be the right...
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    Prayer Book

    Is this a good prayer book for someone to learn some basic Orthodox prayers? Thank you.
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    I'm sure this has been covered before, but I hope no one minds my asking for our family's specifics... My husband asked me yesterday if we were to join the Orthodox Church, would we have to be rebaptized? (He's thinking on these things, YAY!)  I said I didn't think so, as he and our oldest son...
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    Family/Faith issues

    I have a question for those that used to be Roman Catholic. I'm wondering if during and after converting to Orthodoxy, you had hard feelings toward the RC church, and if so, how did you get past them? I have been interested in and reading about Orthodoxy for about 4 years.  However, I joined...
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    Numbering of Psalms in Study Bible

    I'm curious why some of the Psalms are numbered differently in the Orthodox Study Bible?  For example Psalm 145 has 146 in parentheses next to it, though not all of them are like that.
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    Johh Grogan book, The Longest Trip Home

    I found out yesterday that my mother bought my 15 yo old son a book for Christmas and after reading the reviews of the book, I have some concerns.  It's called The Longest Trip Home by John Grogan. Has anyone by chance read this? If so, what did you think of it?  I'm concerned that the themes...
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    HI! I hope this is the place to ask this...I did a search and didn't get an answer.  I'm curious about kneeling.  The people in the Eastern Catholic church I attend some Sundays don't kneel, and of course the people in the Latin church I attend do. But I understand that an Ecumenical council...