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    Favorite western hymns

    I probably don't get man points for this, but I love Thomas Tallis' Lamentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNAFeCLDSgE
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    Should I convert to Islam?

    My perspective on this is that Islam has many of the same problems as Protestantism, or more specifically, Restorationism. Both rely on a supposed "Great Apostasy" that occurred somewhere in early Church history. I see two major issues with this claim. One is that you have to account for a gap...
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    Homosexulaity and the Church--was part of Re: Interesting development in the OCA

    Can you prove this at a canonical/official level? Of course the Church didn't speak out as it was burning people, but that doesn't equate to official recognition. The Church has changed how it has dealt with sin, but I can't think of an instance where it changed to condoning a sin.
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    Homosexulaity and the Church--was part of Re: Interesting development in the OCA

    We do have several saints that burned heretics: St. Joseph Volotsky, and St. Gennady of Novgorod. But since society seems to have become the correct judge on the Churches' morality, burning heretics was certainly acceptable for that time.
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    Homosexulaity and the Church--was part of Re: Interesting development in the OCA

    I think burning heretics should be ok. We even have saints that did it. Let's just add a canon for its official recognition. And besides, society found it perfectly acceptable just a few centuries back. If society recognized it, what more could you want?
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    Sitting on floor during Divine Liturgy

    I always assumed people did it when they ran out of room on the back seats. I don't sit though, I'm just a bit more pious than others, not to mention I'm serving in the altar and don't want my imperial vestments getting filthy. All that really annoys me is when people say "amen" during the...
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    incense in Ante-Nicean Christianity

    I remember reading a few quotes from early church fathers that seemed against the use of incense. Then I came across this article: http://www.churchsociety.org/churchman/documents/Cman_117_3_Brattston.pdf which uses those quotes to argue that early Christianity prohibited incense: Anyone have...
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    Blue screen of death help

    It also helps to google the error code from the blue screen. That saved me in several cases. If Windows won't boot in safe mode and the error is fixable from your pc, you might be able to get a live disc and change things using a different OS.
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    Is the Jesus Prayer - Satanic?

    Repetition isn't even the correct translation. It better translates as "babbling". There is a great article written by a Catholic priest that completely refutes this: http://ia700307.us.archive.org/35/items/MN41685ucmf_0/MN41685ucmf_0.pdf Regardless, even if it did translate as "repetition"...
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    Pope Gregory quote

    As to which St. Gregory, I was referring to Pope Gregory the Great. I suppose since Tertullian said it, that's somewhat more settling since he's not a saint. I will say that this quote appeared alongside wild claims that Pope Gregory I had the patriarch of Constantinople burnt at the stake.
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    Pope Gregory quote

    I found a bizarre quote that seems to float around the internet attributed to St. Gregory, but I've been unable to find what writing it's from: "The bliss of the elect in heaven would not be perfect unless they were able to look across the abyss and enjoy the agonies of their brethren in eternal...
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    *nix Open Thread

    Any C people here? I suppose if we're discussing linux/unix based kernels, there's not escaping it. Surely no one here questions the divine inspiration of C.
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    Payment for sacraments?

    You forget. That happened in the Bible. Only Calvinistic sectarians and gnostics read the Bible.
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    Sermon on the Mount; how bad it is

    Secular law does the same. While it usually remains indifferent to sexual morality, nonetheless, most governments want citizens to align and obey, otherwise they are labelled as outlaws and made to serve a period of time in prison. I can easily word almost any set of rules to make something...
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    Problems with the faith

    The Church dictates what is literal and what is metaphorical. The Bible was meant to be accompanied with an oral tradition, not speak for itself. Besides, you're treating the Bible as if it's one book, you're interpreting it way too black and white for something that is collection of books...