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    How Do You View the "Orthodox" Episcopi Vagante Churches?

    There has been a lot of discussion about the various and exotic, colorful and sometimes silly Episcopi vagantes churches which claim to have valid Apostolic succession, usually from a Syriac Orthodox source, but I would like to know where individual posters stand on these churches and why.  I am...
  2. AntoniousNikolas

    The Superfluous Selam Thread

    Sort of like Random Thoughts, but everything must close with a "Selam", no matter how incongruous that "Selam" might be.  For example: Quoting yourself in your sig line is really lame. Selam
  3. AntoniousNikolas

    What does everyone's online persona look like?

    In the spirit of our "What does everyone look like?" and "What does everyone sound like?" threads, let's start a fun, good-natured, and hopefully humorous "What does everyone's online persona look like?" thread.  One rule: No doing yourself!  Let others speak to the image you project to the...
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    Prayers for the Syrian Soldiers Killed in the US Missile Strike

    Six Syrian soldiers were reportedly killed in the US missile strike.  May God repose their souls.
  5. AntoniousNikolas

    Fr. John Behr: OO/EO Unity Will Occur In This Century for 3 Reasons

    I'll let the video speak for itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7OK4-jQsuc
  6. AntoniousNikolas

    Laptop to Laptop Transfer

    So, I need to move a bunch of church related files from my laptop to the laptop of a fellow servant who is taking over a role I used to play in church.  It is a lot of stuff.  PowerPoint presentations, audio files, video clips, entire books in PDF, etc.  Is there a cable I can connect from the...
  7. AntoniousNikolas

    Prayers for Lent

    Hi Everyone, Lent starts Monday for those of us in the Coptic, Ethiopian, and Eritrean Churches and (if I am not mistaken) it starts on the 27th for those of you on many of the other calendars (Byzantine, etc.).  This being the case, I would like to ask both the forgiveness and the prayers of...
  8. AntoniousNikolas

    Church Fathers on Theological Education

    Hey Guys.  I thought it might be useful to have a thread where we post quotes from the Church Fathers on the topic of theological education and why it is necessary.  Oftentimes, people abuse or misapply quotes like "a theologian is one who prays" to make it out as if theological education in a...
  9. AntoniousNikolas

    Coptic Church in Germany Permits Dual Membership in Protestant Church

    The program Faith Matters recently aired a report on the Coptic Orthodox Church in Germany.  In the documentary, a Protestant convert says: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdoGF4RFTYk&feature=youtu.be&t=352 Does saying that he was "confirmed" by H.G. Bishop Damian mean that he wasn't...
  10. AntoniousNikolas

    WOCC Statement of Union with the Antiochian Orthodox Church

    Has anyone ever heard of this group? http://www.wocc-us.org/ They come from the Old Catholic line (Utrecht), but I found this bit on their website interesting: http://www.wocc-us.org/#!questions-and-answers-about-the-orcc/c1l5z I'm hoping that some of our EO brothers and sisters (especially...
  11. AntoniousNikolas

    I don't know what to call this tangent

    Careful, zz, you'll make him start stutter typing and creeping everyone out again.
  12. AntoniousNikolas

    Syro-Orthodox Church of France

    Anyone know anything about this group? http://theorthodoxchurch.info/blog/news/?p=44198 How are they - per the article - "in the process of gaining recognition form the Oriental Orthodox Communion"?
  13. AntoniousNikolas

    The Sign of the Cross

    http://www.orthodox.net/articles/about-crossing-oneself.html I've heard Oriental Orthodox priests say that we've crossed ourselves from left to right from the beginning.  How can we reconcile that with the above?  Which is truly the older way?
  14. AntoniousNikolas

    Patristic Sources on Marriage

    Hey Guys.  Could you guys point me towards some Patristic sources on marriage, particularly those which speak to the truth of marriage being between one man and one woman?
  15. AntoniousNikolas

    Praying for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit at the Historic Lands of Immigration

    http://returntoorthodoxy.com/praying-guidance-holy-spirit-conference/ https://www.facebook.com/returntoorthodoxy I'm in!  :) If it weren't the Holy 50 days, it'd be appropriate to fast as well as pray.