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    Hello, Do you believe that socializing with other believers is a reason for the liturgy? Or is worship for its own sake?
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    The love of money is the root of all good

    Hello, Why does the Bible teach that greed is a bad thing, when the desire for material well-being grows the economy and vastly increases standards of living around the globe?
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    Does infidelity need to be confessed to the innocent spouse?

    If a married person confessed infidelity to an Orthodox priest, would the priest require them to tell this to their spouse?
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    Feats done by saints at age 19

    For example, St. Alexander won the battle of the Neva when he was 19. St. Athanasius wrote On the Incarnation at 19. What other saints have done impressive feats around this age?
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    Is Mary YOUR mother?

    OC.net, do the Orthodox consider the All-Pure Mother of the Lord to be their own mother?
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    Coming to terms with divorce and remarriage

    Those of you who do not believe in divorce or remarriage, how did you come to terms with the Orthodox church's permissive position on these issues? Are there any particular resources which were helpful for you? This seems especially to be a problem with Catholic converts, along with some in the...
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    Oriental monks pray the psalter daily?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psalms#Oriental_Christianity Someone tell me more about this practice.
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    Missing liturgy and the psalms

    Christ is risen! When one misses liturgy, how many kathismata should he pray? Are there any in particular that he should pray or can he choose whichever?
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    Dormition as a name day

    Are there any names common among Orthodox people which have the Feast of the Dormition of Mary as a name day?
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    Sleep disorder

    I've been trying to fall asleep since 4, it's now 9. I slept about an hour earlier, but other than that I've been up for 24 hours. I've probably slept a total of 30 hours over the past week. I also get frequent nightmare and sometimes have sleep paralysis. I have an icon by my bed of the Holy...
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    Midnight office question

    At 00:00 on a Sunday, is the midnight office said for Saturday or Sunday? In other words, after Saturday evening, before Sunday morning, does the midnight office include the Ninth Kathisma?
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    Methuselah and the Flood

    I found this timeline: Methuselah died in the year of the Flood. I've heard that there is a rabbinic tradition that God delayed the Flood "yet seven days" (Gen. 7:4) so that Noah and his family could mourn Methuselah's death. Is there an Orthodox tradition on this matter? Did Methuselah die...
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    Is the hymn quoted in Ephesian 5:14 ever liturgically used by the Orthodox?

    Is the hymn quoted in Ephesian 5:14 ever liturgically used by the Orthodox?
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    "The Bible and the Holy Fathers" by Johanna Manley

    Is this a solid book?
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    Help finding a work by St. Nikolai Velimirovic

    I need help finding which work of St. Nikolai's that this article is from: http://www.pravmir.com/what-was-christ-writing-on-the-ground/