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    For Josietta and Geraint

    Two of my writing community members, long-time friends and occasional collaborators, had been hospitalised since the last days of July, for unrelated reasons. Josietta died last night, after several years of pain, recurrent infections and surgeries. Geraint is hanging on, but we haven't had any...
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    Video of the Day

    This is how you recite poetry.
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    What videos are you watching?

    The edit feature deactivates after a few minutes, to avoid dirty deletes.
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    Cats are aliens. No, really.

    In the 13th century, cats were declared accessories to Satan, and their extermination was encouraged. We know how that turned out.
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    What videos are you watching?

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    What do you do in your free time?

    Most of my non-essentially-occupied time is spent online, and was so even pre-pandemic. (I'm an introvert, and life circumstances have made it so that I have no social circle to speak of in meatspace). My home without walls is my writing community. Collaborative writing projects are my lifeline...
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    For Angela and her family

    My aunt Angela reposed last night due to a combination of Alzheimer's and diabetes-exacerbated Covid infection. Please remember her and her grieving family in your prayers.
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    What videos are you watching?

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    Archbishop Elpidophoros officiates baptism of gay couple in Athens

    Quite unlike straight parents of gay children, of course.
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    What videos are you watching?

    No links, because it's a closed event, but I'm watching the interviews featured in the Go To The Page event, about journaling as a tool for creativity and self-development. Not sure I'm going to watch everything, but Jacob Nordby and Mark Matousek were awesome.
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    Saints who heal depression

    You probably came off them too quickly the first time. Hopefully this time you will have your dosage and timeline better adjusted. Take care of yourself. The brain is a physical organ that can malfunction and need medical support, like any other.
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    Stop the execution of EO Anthony (Frank) Atwood

    @offliner Some context would be nice.
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    It's always tea time somewhere in the world.

    It's always tea time somewhere in the world.
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    Revlon Goes Bankrupt

    I mentioned no teaching and made no claim. Only a reality check.
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    Revlon Goes Bankrupt

    Just because St John Chrysostom composed our main liturgy, it doesn't mean that every single word he wrote is to be held as high. Railing against cosmetics (and fashion, and perfumery, and...) today goes down about as well as it did in his time.