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    What is your opinion of Pan-Orthodox services?

    First, I would not have approved this post, but it was so now I need to deal with it. Scamandrius you opened the door, and I do not think we could find one person on this board who would not find your original post non-judgemental. Do not attack the person and instead learn to engage their...
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    MOVED: Share Your Sermons Here

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    MOVED: Union of Brest and Persecution

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    Dormition Services

    I think the issue may be here is which "Greek Typikon" you are referring to. I can think of 6 "Greek" Typikons that are currently published, and while they are similar, there are differences in each of them. There are also 2 competing Arabic Typikons, one published in Beirut and the other in...
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    Small Canon to the Theotokos

    Remember that we are dealing with translating a metered poem set to a certain melody. Open Ground is actually referring to the battle field definition here. Open ground is an area free of obstructions that is flat, and easy to move about on. Until modern warfare, battles took place on open...
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    MOVED: What Rite Did The Slavs And Caucasus Take?

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    MOVED: Is Western Rite Most Appropriate For Western Converts - Sensitive Subject

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    How Did Converted Peoples Influence The Liturgy?

    The "Russian" phelonions are not Rus in origin. It was a style that developed in Constantinople and was adopted by the Slavic lands. Now, the multi-tier inconostasis, that is a Russian thing.
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    Serving as a lower rank in Orthodoxy

    . Usually the bishop does not wear the crown when serving as a priest, instead he wears his hat and vail.
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    Differences between Russian and Greek Eucharistic disclipline

    There is a difference in discipline, and it tends to be a pastoral standard rather then anything as legalistic as you have presented in your post.
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    9/11 church project

    The "non-denominational bereavement center" is what we would call an exonarthex. It will be an area that is open 24 hours that will list the names of the victims. I believe there is also suppose to be some sort of mural that will honor the heroes of 9/11, and a places to light candles.
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    Serving as a lower rank in Orthodoxy

    I have seen Archimandrites function as Subdeacon, they however remained in their exorasso and never put on any liturgical vestment. When a deacon is not present it is often the case that Presbyters do the parts that are normal to a Deacon, that being the litanies, but they are still vested as...
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    MOVED: What Qualifies as Liturgy?

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    Some questions about Eucarist

    You are fine dropping off the "Saint" in this instance because of the academic nature of this discussion. Please ignore the reprimand.
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    Questions about an Antiochian Liturgy in Florida

    PLEASE! Stay on topic!