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    Orthodox Folk/Death Metal?

    Shouldn't he be praying or something?  ::)
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    New OCA Metropolitan: Bp Jonah

    Yes, it is one and the same - may Fr. Stephen's memory be eternal.
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    Hand-Painted Icons?

    Those "hand painted" icons are serigraphs - and priced at nearly double the price that I've seen them for, so I'd take a pass on them if I were you. It's quite shameless of these folks to pass them off as the real deal.    :(
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    Debating: Byzantine Catholic vs. Orthodox

    Wow, that church looks awesome. Did you take any pictures while you were there?
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    Lutheran eucharistic theology

    I haven't heard about any of these sorts of ecumenical gestures happening thus far during Pope Benedict the BXVI's pontificate and I dunno if they will. Guess we'll have to wait and see...
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    Lutheran eucharistic theology

    Was this from Pope John Paul II, or Pope Benedict XVI? I've heard that when Pope John Paul II visited the Archbishop of Canterbury he also presented him with an episcopal cross and kissed his bishop's ring. I'm not quite sure what these gestures are supposed to mean - are they just being...
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    Lutheran eucharistic theology

    Since the Lutheran churches (LCMS and WELS, specifically) do not believe in the necessity of apostolic succession, how do they understand the ability of their pastors to be able to confect mere bread and wine to become the body and blood of Christ? If their pastors have not had any laying on of...
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    What faith would you be if you weren't Orthodox?

    The Church of England.
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    Liturgical Insanity or why there will never be a "reunion"

    I'm just wondering why you conjured up this thread from 2005 and decided to top it off with some remarks which were far from a glowing example of Christian charity....?  ??? Perhaps you have an axe to grind?  ::)
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    Hippocentaurs, Unicorns, etc...

    I apologize for this, but when I was reading this thread I couldn't help but think of Napoleon Dynamite.
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    Depictions of the six-winged seraphim

    Sure! Thanks so much!  :)
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    Depictions of the six-winged seraphim

    I did try searching on google using the words you suggested, but there were very few hits and none of them was what I was looking for, but I thank you for the suggestion.  :) I'm interested in seeing how the seraphim are depicted in iconography, like in photos of church interiors, etc. Anyone...
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    Depictions of the six-winged seraphim

    I've been trying to find pictures/images of the six-winged seraphim as depicted in iconography online, but haven't had a whole lot of luck thus far. Anyone have any links or know where I can go to find some?  ???
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    Christian Rock

    Petra means ROCK! 8)
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    Christian Rock

    Yup. :)