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    ITT: We post maps

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    Coronavirus-denying priest seizes monastery

    I also read a report that he is Pavel Datsyuk's personal confessor and Pavel is hunkered down with him. Though it appears to be only rumor at this point and many of those close to him are denying it.
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    Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel on a weekday (calling all liturgics geeks)

    Can anyone point me to a guide for liturgics of Matins/Hours/Typika  for this coming Wedndesay (old style), it is a Great Doxology feast so it follows some of the Lenten order but not all of it. "The Order of Divine Services" book offers no guidance.
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    Compliance or Defiance

    On our video stream, at our bishops direction, we always point the camera at an icon on the side wall during communion of the faithful.
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    How is your community regarding the COVID-19 pandemics?

    At the grocery store today I'd say probably almost 10% of the people there were wearing some kind of a mask. Last week you saw an occasional mask but it wasn't a widespread thing.
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    Coronavirus: Are there ANY churches in America still having mass?

    Our Bishop has now blessed us to serve Presanctified Liturgy on all weekdays, not just Wednesday and Friday, so though our services are no longer open to the public, we are actually adding divine services to our schedule.
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    Coronavirus: Are there ANY churches in America still having mass?

    Agree 100% Our parish is now doing "skeleton crew" services, keeping to a bare minimum of people. I could to listen to Matins/Hours/Typica/Presanctified this morning, they had 1 singer, an English reader, a Slavonic reader and the priest.  I've been blessed to be the choir for Soul Saturday...
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    Probably like climbing a "butter mountain"
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    I wish that there were more undergraduate Orthodox Theology Colleges in America

    Curious why having a dorm is important to you if you're married?
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    Coronavirus: Are there ANY churches in America still having mass?

    Most churches are still having services, they just aren't open to the public, we had our last open to public service yesterday. Now we are going to a "skeleton crew" of not more than 10, just clergy, servers, readers and singers.
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    What does everyone sound like?

    https://voca.ro/60U1Tl4aGYS Those of you not able to make vigil or vespers tonight, here is my 9 year old son and I singing the glory sticheron Lord I Have Cried for Sunday of the Cross.
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    Are you folks still going to Mass/Liturgy or staying home and praying for now?

    Our parish is limiting attendance to 50 people, typical attendance is a little over 100,  if more than 50 people show up tents will be set up outside with an icon and the audio stream. If people who are outside are communing, they will enter and other will exit so they can do so. People over 70...
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    Clergy communion logistics in various jurisdictions

    Thank you father, Are you aware of any reason for or significance to the differences in practice?
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    Clergy communion logistics in various jurisdictions

    I don't really see how turning your back is necessary or more likely in either method, and this wasn't my point. All clergy partake of the body simultaneously, they receive in their hands in rank order and then move clockwise around the altar taking their place around the altar and waiting for...