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    Poll: Pascha or Easter?

    Among Orthodox people I say Pascha. Otherwise I say Orthodox Easter (especially if the date is different, like this year). It would be nice, though, to popularize Pascha in English, since that is the word in basically every other language. I don't view that usage in the same way as the horrible...
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    Mature Topic: Sexuality

    I also suggest avoiding circumstances and people who will cause temptation. Also avoid people who make you feel like a loser for not throwing your virginity away. (The struggle is hard enough on its own, you don't need people trying to shame you into sinning on top of it.) If you imagine that...
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    Cookie Recipes

    This is a classic my grandmother made for many years. Mix and knead in a large bowl: 1# cottage cheese 1# shortening 4 c. flour Refrigerate at least 3 hours. Divide into 6 parts. Roll each as if for a pie crust. Cover the rolled dough with mixture of: 2 c. brown sugar 1 c. chopped nutmeats...
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    Can Orthodox lose their state of grace?

    The Eucharist can further seal a person's condemnation, if they approach the chalice with a wrong state of heart.
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    Is my marriage HAS to be blessed in OC?

    I want to quote this: Because it seems that most people in this thread are piling on the priest. As Fr Chris points out, this is the policy of the GOA and priests must be obedient to their bishop. It is not fair to accuse the priest when he is practicing obedience to his authorities. That...
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    Russian nuclear submarine to be fitted with Orthodox chapel

    Nicely done.  :D I don't know for sure, but I would think it's mobile. There are the popouts on the sides, much like RV's and campers have, so it probably folds up and otherwise looks like a standard military truck.
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    Russian nuclear submarine to be fitted with Orthodox chapel

    Why would they? Submarine tours can be very lengthy, and sailors need access to the Mysteries as much as all of us. I would be somewhat surprised if clergy had a problem with this. The Russian Church also makes churches available for soldiers in the field...
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    Is the Origin of Christmass Pagan?

    Good video. I found it very interesting. He took apart the Christmas myths quite handily. You can find the sources cited on David Withun's blog: http://www.piousfabrications.com/2010/12/pagan-origins-of-christmas.html
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    Russian Bibles

    The cover looks the same as this one: http://russlovo.com/books/detail/43831/search/bibliya/eng for which Google Translate says: Bible translation into Russian by the Russian Bible Society launched by Imperial command of the emperor Alexander I in 1816, renewed at the Imperial assent of the...
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    wearing a suit and tie

    It is true that many holy fools walked around in rags or even stark naked, but this was an outgrowth of their holiness and their calling to holy foolishness. Not everyone is called to that (in fact it's quite rare), and if one seeks to emulate them in their ascesis, without the accompanying...
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    Santa Kneeling At Baby Jesus

    The American kids should be happy they get nothing. Dutch kids apparently get spanked by Black Pete when they are on the naughty list. In seriousness, I never thought about that situation before. Very sad.  :-\
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    Santa Kneeling At Baby Jesus

    I think it makes for a pithy commentary. I like the idea. However it seems this image has become a parody of itself, packaged and sold along with the other Christmas kitsch. (But it's okay, because it's our kitsch.) So, +10 points for effort but -100 for the outcome.
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    looking for some good orthodox christmas hymns an Carols

    You might be interested in Richard Toensing's "Kontakion on the Nativity of Christ" CD. It includes 12 modern Orthodox carols that are based on liturgical hymns. http://www.amazon.com/Toensing-Kontakion-Nativity-Orthodox-Christmas/dp/B001KQIRVW/ There are more here, as sheet music...
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    Praying for our political leaders and ???????

    We should pray for our nations' leaders. Scripture says that all the ruling authorities are in place at God's will, and regardless of whether we agree with them or their systems, they need our prayers as they have great responsibilities. Perhaps the oddest political commemoration is this verse...
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    Should I convert to Islam?

    I think we have to be careful drawing a moral equivalency between our prophets and Mohammad. Joshua was a member of the Church, acting on God's direct command to slaughter those people, clearing out Israel and doing his part to prepare the way for the Messiah. Meanwhile, Mohammad came centuries...