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    Archbishop John now Metropolitan-elect John

    The 2005 Sobor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada has selected Archbishop John of Edmonton as Metropolitan-elect. May he continue to guide his flock with Inspiration and Christian love for many, many years! AXIOS!  AXIOS!  AXIOS!
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    Prayers for delegates during SOBOR

    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada is currently meeting. Among the topics will be the selection of a new Metropolitan, as well as a new Bishop. Please pray for the delegates, that they may discern God's Will, and be guided by the Holy Spirit in all their decisions. http://uocc.ca/sobor05.htm
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    Happy Birthday, Ebor!

    Many Many Years, Ebor!
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    For the newly illumined

    Many Years, Donna Mary! May God Bless you and Keep you, all the years of your life, and may you continue to travel, in a spiritual sense, ever closer to Him!
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    Bishop of Rome Dies

    Beautifully put, Matthew.  Memory Eternal.  Vichanya Pamyat.
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    Photos from Kim's Chrismation

    Many Years, Kim!
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    His Beatitude Metropolitan WASYLY Falls Asleep in the Lord

    His Beatitude Metropolitan WASYLY Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Falls Asleep in the Lord - Office of the Consistory, UOCC WINNIPEG, MB, JANUARY 10, 2005 -- It is with deep sorrow that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC) announces that on Monday, January 10...
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    the Son of Man

    Wow!  Excellent response, Ekhristos Anesti!  That was the sort of information I was looking for.  I am indebted. God Bless you!
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    For My Mothers Memory

    Eternal memory. Vichnay Pam'yat
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    Pray for the Copts of Egypt

    My unworthy prayers. "Blessed are you when men persecute you and speaking falsely say all manner of evil against you for My sake. Rejoice and exalt, for your reward is great in Heaven."
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    Prayers for Karamazov

    Praise and thanks be to God! My situation has met with positive resolution. For this, I also thank those who kept me in their prayers, despite me being an entirely undeserving rascal. My stress level dropped 80% today. -the unworthy Karamazov
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    Monasticism and converts

    A friend has asked me to post the following comment in reply to the article: "This article is one of my favorites, containing a great deal of wisdom, and is one everyone should read, and ponder, before seeking a blessing to make a pilgrimage to a monastery. I agree with Nektarios that "It is...
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    Introducing myself

    Don't tell me Godzilla is a "goy"?!?!? :o
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    Introducing myself

    Welcome, Father among our Saints! You've picked the moniker of my favorite, most beloved Saint, John Chrysostom! I noted your journey to God began with Judaism. Here is a link to a pamphlet you may find interesting: http://conciliarpress.bizhosting.com/orthodoxy_jewish_and_christian_1.html...
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    Introducing myself

    You're welcome, Momzilla. Hey...if we were to call you "Mom" for short, what would we call "Godzilla?" (shudder....) 8)