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    I am on the brink of losing it please pray for me.

    May the Lord grant you peace.
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    I had new ministroke, need CAT scans

    I had a CAT scan recently. Not quite as much fun as the MRI, but it was OK. The contrast drink wasn’t very yummy. May God rest his healing hand upon you.
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    Social distancing. I would’ve just stayed there.
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    A Psalter for Prayer new edition

    A new edition of a Psalter for Prayer is available in hardcover. It’s smaller (2XL rather than 4XL). They omitted the ribbons. They removed the Hebrew letters that had been used in certain psalms. They fixed some typographical errors and corrected the versification in some of the canticles. I...
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    Jonathan Pageau’s home flooded

    Jonathan Pageau of the Orthodox Arts Journal.
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    I have fled the flood. God protect those still in the area. God protect my poor icons stuck at home.
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    Thanks to God

    Thanks to God for the hospital being available. More thanks to God for getting me out. Diabetic ketoacidosis. I don’t recommend it.
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    SVOTS restoring lost voices from their past

    St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary is converting a bunch of old cassette tape recordings of various lectures into digital format. They say they have around 500 cassettes. You must register for a free account for access to the recordings.
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    Psalms and the Life of Faith

    I was doing some searching on this book by Elder Aimilianos of Simonpetra and translated into English by Father Maximos Constas of Simonpetra. I came across what seems to be the full book uploaded to the Academia site by Fr. Maximos Constas. I assume this is legit...