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    Guadalupe: Valid / Canonical Icon?

    I disagree with point 2, but I digress. Your points are fair, but let me just tell you where I'm coming from with this: If the Orthodox worldview is true, then I cannot accept the idea that our Mother would lie to Juan Diego that the RCC is the true Church of Christ. I also cannot conceive the...
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    Guadalupe: Valid / Canonical Icon?

    She could have started by telling Diego that the true Church is not the one under the universal and immediate  jurisdiction of the Pope, but the one who has kept the faith of the Creed which doesn’t include the Filioque. No transportation necessary. As for your Moses analogy, I think there’s a...
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    Guadalupe: Valid / Canonical Icon?

    If the Mother of God really appeared in Guadalupe, then why didn't she reveal the Orthodox Church to Juan Diego? A lot of non-Orthodox institutions and practices led to good results. Doesn't necessarily prove that some divine miracle was involved.
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    Calling something a "Robber's council " is tautological.Justification for label?

    I will never deny that council history is a mess. That should put to rest the idea that we can know what councils are ecumenical, just because it fulfills some arbitrary set of administrative criteria.
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    Catholic-Orthodox "journeying toward unity"-Fr. Joseph Wallace. Council in 2025?

    +1 to all these posts. One of the problems of having an Orthodox-Catholic council at this point is that most (if not all) attendants of both sides will have already made up their mind of what such "reunion" would look like. Roman Catholics want all Orthodox to accept everything they teach...
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    Best arguments for Petrine primacy?

    AL is not my circus. I’m just tired of the dishonesty of apologists from both sides of the schism.
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    Wildfire in California

    Prayers for all those affected by or are vulnerable to the wildfire that is spreading in California.
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    I converted to Christianity

    Congratulations, and welcome home! I am very happy to hear that you have come to know our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to guide you in your journey. I hope that you find a parish to attend, if you haven't already. Thank you for sharing your testimony! 
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    Best arguments for Petrine primacy?

    Whether Honorius I was a "formal heretic" or not is debatable, but my thoughts remain that all those RC attempts to explain away questionable Papal statements all comes down to just a No True Scotsman definition of "Ex Cathedra" and "Infallibility."
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    Best arguments for Petrine primacy?

    According to Vatican I, the Pope cannot error if he speaks "ex-cathedra," i.e. if he teaches something as a binding dogma of the Catholic faith. So according to the Catholic model, this is not even theoretically possible. What that means practically and epistemologically, though, is another...
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    Best arguments for Petrine primacy?

    I can't take seriously any apologist who argues that the universal and immediate jurisdiction of the Pope was "plainly" or "clearly" taught since the time of the Apostolic Fathers. I've read their writings in full, and the passages the apologists quote mine are either filled with confirmation...
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    Friend's ex-wife has bad cancer

    Lord have mercy
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    Mary's lack of birth pangs proves Her absolute sinlessness.

    I’m not sure if that’s true. Doesn’t the Catholic Church consider the Catechism infallible?
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    "Truth - What is Truth?"

    Hi Livenotonevil I can relate to what you are going through. I have been on the exact same boat, just 2-3 years ago, and you can even find some of my posts in 2015 that are related to that. I understand the desire for certainty of truth in all matters of doctrine, and the fact that the...