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    spiritual guidance with no spiritual father

    How does one find spiritual answers in the midst of dilemnas when they have no spiritual father. Our priest, the neighboring priest and godparents are absolutely dumbfounded, and its kinda hard to pass on one's faith to their children when you can't get answers to save your life.
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    focus on negativity?

    Lately I have seen a decided emphasis on death, dismemberment, gore, horrific death and suffering within Orthodoxy. All of which has merit in its own right, but lately its  used to justify people being deeply in need of some sort of deliverance or facing some struggle, and ignoring them.  After...
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    tendency amongst Orthodox

    My background afforded me some of the very best in religious speak excuses that exist. Whenever a pastor did not have the answer to something he would use terms like "keep lookin up!" or "get into the word!"  My Bible teachers were notorious for this, especially when I started asking questions...
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    cursed? Legitimacy of this belief?

    We had a guest priest stop and note that our sn dd had a curse on her. This was out of the blue one day. With a very real background with luciferian witchcraft, I should not think this is terribly far fetched for me-though its not something I personally chose. Is it possible within the Orthodox...
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    please pray for huge undertaking

    I am engaged in setting up a special needs trust, a non profit and doing a fundraiser for my daughter's condition-plus tending my daughter herself. Today brought a new battle for her AAC device, a high tech glorified tablet computer that speaks for her using her eye gaze, as well as the new...
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    sans advent?

    Is it somehow wrong to just avoid the entire mess of the holidays all together? Our circumstances are so heinous right now I wake up wondering if this is the day the final ball drops. Its not that I am a scrooge or anything, I just simply cannot bear the weight of the annual fights with family...
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    God's role in our lives here and now

    We are discussing this in our home QUITE a bit lately. Its getting rather heated at times since we are so frustrated. Not to mention we do have to pass on the Faith to our children, and we are struggling to figure it out. So dh says to me that all we have to do is look at history to see that...
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    visiting other parish/jurisdictions?

    Our attendance at our little elderly GOA parish is so low at present that the priest is only coming up every other week. So he told us to go to the WR parish downtown- a very small start up parish. The only time dh and I had seen any of their service/practice is when they used our building for...
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    Point at which Prosphora became "white"

    Dh and I have gone on about this, and no one can answer me with reasoning from an Orthodox perspective-so ya'll have at this... Every single prosphora recipe I have seen, from various jurisdictions, calls for white flour. History documents that it was not until the latter 1700's that even...
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    What is God's role in our lives today

    How involved is God in our lives after Chrismation, while we are *hopefully* growing in the faith? There is a teaching in the protestant sector, that my dh is having trouble ridding himself of, that says God offers salvation through Christ but other than that He has backed off and is hands off...
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    what does it mean to 'love your enemies' ?

    Does loving one's enemies mean you actually have to be in their physical presence frequently or at all? Does honoring someone, say a parent, mean you have to actually spend time with them-no matter what, as a general rule? Church fathers on this issue? Should we sweep unrepentant sin and harm...
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    terrible difficulty with extended family

    We are once again engaged in battle with dh's family, it must be the holidays bringing out the best in folks... This year it is made incredibly worse by not only our daughter's progression to stage 3 Rett Syndrome, but we just found out dh's abusive stepfather has stage 4 malignant brain cancer...
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    teaching church history to protestants

    I have been asked to begin a thread in a women's forum about Church history. I am not coming at it as "Orthodoxy 101" I am coming at it as true Church history. I have that wonderful US News timeline set at a stained glass window of Christ, placing the formation of each denomination. I have...
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    prayer for me, dh

    Please pray for me as I again face what nearly destroyed me via my father, then 9 years into our marriage and after 6 years again last night. I know it is an addiction, but its more than I can bear while sick myself, contending with sick children, a possible closing of dh's company and...
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    proper understanding of the term "helpmeet"

    I am having great difficulty in rational discussion with my protestant (female) counterparts. There is an automatic disconnect with them on the term "helpmeet" despite the fact that none of them know ancient Greek. The typical belief is to trust whatever self designed 'expert' has told them...