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    Did St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, believe in the Filioque?

    For the Father and Son to be the ones doing the breathing, I think we would expect a construction more like "in Spiritu Sancto inflant" or "Spiritus Sanctus inflatur ab eis" would we not?
  2. Cavaradossi

    Did St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, believe in the Filioque?

    Never mentioned is the fact that St. Maximus does not draw up these silly distinctions drawn up by Bessarion (who has gone on to reap the reward given to Arius and Nestorius and others like them after death).
  3. Cavaradossi

    Beatific vision

    The Latin West existed longer without Thomism than with it. The inconsistency between Thomas and Palamas then hardly demonstrates that either is right or wrong on the subject.
  4. Cavaradossi

    First word of 1 John 1:1

    The neuter relative pronoun (especially when it leads a sentence) can be used in an abstract sense, with an abstract idea or entire clause as the antecedent. Often we can translate it as “as to what” in this particular circumstance.
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    For our Catholic posters

    For those of you on the Gregorian Calendar who on this day celebrate the great and holy feast of Easter, may the Lord God grant you a good, peaceful, and joyful celebration of the resurrection of His Christ.
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    Father Ambrose from New Zealand

    Seeing as how the last thread got derailed, and Hieromonk Ambrose still has cancer, I think we ought to continue praying. Let's please not let this one get derailed. Lord Jesus Christ, for the sake of the prayers of Thine all-holy mother, the Theotokos, of Saints Nicholas and Nectarios the...
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    Clarification: Font Color

    I was wondering, in the rules, it states that moderators will make requests in the color green: However, in this thread, it is stated that moderators will use "colored font" to make requests. My question is simple. Many posters here, myself included, have used in the past colored font in...