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    Facebook Makes You Fat and Happy

    FAT ! :laugh:
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    Muslim Sect Bombs Catholic Churches on Christmas in Nigeria

    This is so unjust for the christians. Why they can not respect the christians? In Christian countries we don't blow their mosques and we do't kill their faithfulls. Why they can not respect us? We don't treat muslims in our countries like they treat us in countries like Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt...
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    Does anyone know who the Metropolitan is on this video?

    Hello I'm not sure, but could be His Eminence Isidor, Metropolitan of Ekaterinograd and Kuban. But you can look on this site: http://www.orthodoxresearchinstitute.org/hierarchs/russia/current.html to see the pictures of the russian bishops, in order of seniority.
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    RAM memory usage

    Yes, my Firefox is up to date. I see that i don't have this problem with IE8. But I'm using a Modzilla and i want to resolve this problem, not to bypass it.
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    RAM memory usage

    Hello I have a problem and i don't know how to fix it. When i'm on this site, my RAM memory usage increase verry fast. In aprx. 5 minutes the RAM usage is above 95%. Then my Modzilla crash and automatically is turning off. Why is that? How i fix it? Thanks.
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    The Patriarchate of Jerusalem broke off communion with the Romanian Patriarchate

    Hello ! I do not understand something. The Romanian Patriarchate is the only one that have church in Holy Land? I thought that Russians have some churches there? Only Romanians built a church there?
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    Conversions in Philipines

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    Ice Church in Romania

    Hello I do not think that those priests are orthodox. 2 years ago, when this building was constructed for the first time, the Metropolitan of Ardeal, IPS Laurentiu, has forbidden the implication of the orthodox priests in this project. The ,,church" was not consacrated by an orthodox priest and...
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    Vassula Ryden Excommunicated

    I read the news that the priest was deposed from priesthood by his bishop, for this co-celebration with a romano-catholic.
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    Greek Orthodox monastery against a stark Arizona backdrop

    Oh, no! It is not your avatar! Yours is much darcker, his it is much lighter  :laugh: :angel: (Just kidding)
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    Former Patriarch Alexey.....a SOVIET AGENT?!

    :o That father, from the video, is tha LAST men from my country, that you should listen ! >:(
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    Denomination quiz....very accurate!

    This is funny. Thank you Trevor         My #1 is: Eastern Orthodox Church    Selected books, bargains, etc.  My #2 is: Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod    Selected books, bargains, etc. My #3 is: Roman Catholic Church    Selected books, bargains, etc. My #4 is: Evangelical Lutheran...
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    Spanish prayers

    Thank you for answers. I must go back and study spanish more....  ;D
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    Spanish prayers

    Hello everyone 1. I saw a orthodox akathist for the Mother of God, in Spanish, where was written: ,,¡Salve, Esposa Virgen!" I thought that ,,Esposa" means ,,wife" not ,,Bride". It is correct to use the word ,,Esposa "? It means something else than ,,wife" 2. ,, ¡Salve " is the imperative for...
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    Romanian Orthodox Priests Unionize

    Hi. The interview in old. Legal, in court, they didn't succeed to register the ,,union", and, in the court stage,  were very few priest who adhered to this union, because the church rejected this thing, and declared it as uncanonical. Now the Romanian clerics are forbidden by the Holy Synod to...