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    Family Issues

    I'm going through some tough family issues at the moment, and I am asking for your prayers. The past few days have been very hard for me. Essentially my mother and I are having some major issues, and it is tearing the family apart, and stressing out my fiancee to the point of tears.
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    Archbishop Tikhon elected Metropolitan of All American and Canada

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    Longest words in different languages

    For Norwegian: For ordinary use: menneskerettighetsorganisasjonene = ‘the human rights organizations’ Wiki says: minoritetsladningsbærerdiffusjonskoeffisientmålingsapparatur = ‘device for measuring the distance between particles in a crystal’ But there was a radio contest a few years back to...
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    Can quantum physics explain the bizarre experiences of patients brought back fro

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    Football (Soccer) Thread

    Essentially this thread is to talk about all things football (soccer). What is everyone's favourite football clubs? Mine (with no bias for employment): 1 )  Rosenborg BK 2 )  Manchester United 3 )  Colorado Rapids 4 )  Celtic FC 5 )  Real Madrid 6 )  Sydney FC 7 )  FC København 8 )  AIK 9 ) ...
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    Nick Fury's Obama video

    The Avengers disapprove. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDTT1yRNsFE&feature=player_embedded
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    6 Saints Who Could Kick Your Butt (Catholic and Orthodox saints)

    My patron saint is number one. lol 1) St. Olav, King of Norway 2) St. Alfred the Great 3) Louis IX, King of France 4) St. Symeon the Stylite 5) St. Vladimir the Great 6) Ignatius of Loyola...
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    Soccer's big takeover

    Football (Soccer) is America's second-most popular sport for those age 12-24. Will it eventually dominate? One researcher thinks so. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/blog/_/name/relegationzone/id/262?cc=5901
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    Jeet Kune Do

    Has anyone here trained in Jeet Kune Do (截拳道)? This is the next style of Kung Fu I will be taking on, and I was wondering if anyone had advice.
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    Weight Lifting

    Post your numbers and regiment. I am 5'11" 240 lbs. I play Soccer-Football (as my (as now) part-time money maker), Rugby Union, MMA, Kung Fu, some Aussie Rules Football, and some Cricket. I weight train M, T, W, F, Sat and I run M, T, W, F, Sat, Sun. I take in 250g of Protein on days I train...
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    How do I change my username?

    I would like to change it to my real name, if I can. But I have no idea how.
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    Prayers in our languages

    Pretty self-explanatory, just post prayers you know in the languages you know. :) Our Father Norwegian: Fader vår, du som er i himmelen! La ditt navn holdes hellig. La ditt rike komme. La din vilje skje på jorden som i himmelen. Gi oss i dag vårt daglige brød. Forlat oss vår skyld, som vi òg...
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    Any bronies here?
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    Everything is Theosis

    You know why some theological concepts seemingly different/contradictory? Doctrine and dogma are limited because they are in human language and lead to the fullness of Theosis, they are imperfect in describing the ineffable mysteries of God, but they they are not even meant as a permentant...
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    Pony Thread

    To discuss Bronies and the awesomeness of My Little Pony.