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    Car blessing without a priest?

    Are there prayers for blessing a car without a priest?
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    missing avatar

    My avatar disappeared!
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    Orthodox cartoons?

    I remember when I was young there was 2 animes that were funded by Evangelicals in Asia which showed the stories of the Bible for children.  One was called Superbook (maybe a reference to the Bible) where a boy, a girl and their wind-up toy robot would be transported to biblical times and...
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    No olive oil or no any kind of oil?

    What do you guys think?  There is varied opinion on this.
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    Fake bishop tries to sneak into Vatican meeting
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    Only Begotten Son and the Roman Liturgy

    Why isn't the hymn "Only Begotten Son" found in the Roman Liturgy given it is a Chalcedonian Church?
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    Why Priests? A failed tradition

    Okay, technically this is not an Orthodox book, but since I saw the interview on The Colbert Report I got intrigued by it.  Because some of the claims by the writer I can quicky respond to with what basic understanding of the priesthood and the Sacraments I have learned in my journey to...
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    Becoming a citizen and the Bible

    Is it appropriate to take your Citizenship Oath swearing on a Bible?  I personally don't find it appropriate to be swearing allegiance to a secular authority via the Holy Scriptures.
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    excommunication and other jurisdictions

    How is excommunication by one jurisdiction handled with regards to other jurisdictions?
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    Would you send your kids to Catholic School?

    Not an Orthodox-Catholic issue, but for Orthodox families who do not have an option for an Orthodox school in their area, would you send your kids to Catholic School?
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    do I really have to wait for confession?

    Because of my wavering faith, I haven't been to confession with a Catholic priest since Lent last year.  I'd love to go to confession soon, I really need spiritual guidance.  I asked Father yesterday but he said I have to wait until after I am chrismated.  Can there be some sort of...
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    it is a done deal!

    Told the priest today, my family will be received as catechumens next Sunday
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    Complete list of saints

    Is there a complete list of saints that are recognized by the Orthodox Church including those local to a particular Church? Thanks!
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    Prayers for the reposed

    Please pray for my aunt, Conchita, who has fallen asleep in the Lord today after a bout with ovarian cancer.
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    Reader's Panakhyda?

    Anybody know if there is a Reader's Panakhyda?  Can you give me the link to the text? Thanks!