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  1. Christos3

    ROCOR WR parish featured on local news

    A nice story. I wish we would move Christmas to January 7th to separate the day out from all the commercialism tied to Christmas.
  2. Christos3

    Texas goes big and shares inexpensive newly discovered Covid vaccine freely.

    Actually, https://holyarchangels.com/ https://www.nativitymonastery.com/ http://www.saintparaskevi.com/
  3. Christos3

    What TV shows are you watching?

    Finished watching Yellowstone and now onto 1883.
  4. Christos3

    Last 10 years saw 12% decline of adults identifying as Christian

    Excerpts from a good book title "Already Gone" explaining why the youth is leaving the church. Already Gone (Book)
  5. Christos3

    Last 10 years saw 12% decline of adults identifying as Christian

    Christianity is under constant attack (by the devil) 24/7 365 days out of the year. The devil works through social media, schools, politicians, news, entertainment, media, creating doubt in people. I'm not surprised we lose people, as they only give two hours on a Sunday to their faith. The...
  6. Christos3

    Merry Christmas (2021)

    Christ is Born! Glorify Him! wonderful Vespers and Matins last night. There is so much in that service. I am sorry I neglected going to it for so many years.
  7. Christos3

    "True" Orthodoxy?

    I don't pay too much attention to the Bishop as he is not my spiritual father. I believe it's more important to have a good and faithful priest (and a church home) than worrying about some Bishop that you will never meet.
  8. Christos3

    What movies are you watching?

    Woman in Gold with Helen Mirran and Ryan Reynolds. Pretty good.
  9. Christos3

    Communion Spoons & Covid

    Common spoon. No masking or social distancing. No fear of Covid at our church. I would find another church if they were still masking, distancing, and using plastic spoons.
  10. Christos3

    In which we discuss the cultural acceptability of the South, re: Orthodoxy

    I did not bother to watch the documentary as I find the premise hard to believe. The first Greek Orthodox Church in the USA was established in 1867, slavery ended in 1865. Reading the history of the first church in New Orleans, it sounds like most of the immigrants would not have had the funds...
  11. Christos3

    First Human-Monkey Chimeras Created by Scientists

    Answers in Genesis does a fantastic job in explaining why this is a horrible idea: https://answersingenesis.org/sanctity-of-life/chimeras-frightening-future/
  12. Christos3

    Are the Vaccines affecting our spirituality? Orthodox Church Father Savvas.

    I believe Covid was created from evil intentions (bio weapons, man messing with God's creation at the Wuhan lab). Therefore, wouldn't the vaccine be a gift from God in helping save lives? And is it the evil one (or China and Russia) spreading lies about the vaccine to continue to create division...
  13. Christos3

    Violence in the Bible?

    Who are you discussing Scripture with? I would stay away from speaking with atheists. We are instructed to not answer people who come asking about Holy things with malicious intent. Also, people's hatred of God cannot understand the things of God.
  14. Christos3

    What's everyone listening to?

    Gary Numan and NIN performing "Cars"
  15. Christos3

    Orthodox funeral and burial

    I was at my mother's bedside for her passing from this life. God gave me the gift of allowing me to read prayers and psalms as she was leaving this world. The priest finally showed up afterwards for last prayers. We stayed with her body until the funeral home picked her up. She was not embalmed.