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    Anybody in the OC net crew own a Pit Bull or another bully breed? Share your st

    I was just wondering if there any other folks here that have an American Pit Bull or one of the other bully breeds such as a Rottweiler?  Thanks. Viking
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    Update on Elizabeth

    Friends: I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my daughter Elizabeth.  She is at least in a better frame of mind now that my wife is up in Virginia with her.  She made Elizabeth get out the house for awhile and I think the change of scenery helped a bit.  Please continue to pray for...
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    Brothers and Sisters: In your kindness please pray for my daughter Elizabeth Marie.  Her liver enzyme levels are high and the doctors initially thought her lupus and fibro medications might be the culprit but they are now wondering if lupus might be attacking her liver.  In any case they are...
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    Help !! Need a dog barrier

    Folks is there anyone here that drives a 2007  Ford Focus station wagon and hauls large dogs around?  I am trying to find a dog barrier made for that model that is made to fit that car specifically.  Thus far I have only been able to find a company in the UK that makes them and their 2007 Ford...
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    Windows 8

    Well if you have to get a new computer it will be loaded with Micro $oft 8 unless it is an Apple Mac.  My wife finally had to to get a new laptop and she hates Windows 8 with a passion.  I won't go near it, mine is about 5 years old and runs Linux.  I wish you the best of luck in getting...
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    For the World WAR 2 History nuts and current event folks

    From the "Mail On Line" Shades of the Pocket Battleships Bismark,Tirpitz,Graff Spee !!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2385430/Japan-warship-Izumo-aircraft-carrier-flat-topped-destroyer.html Viking
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    divorce, pope refers to practice of Orthodox churches

    From Catholic News Service. Interesting. http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1303358.htm Viking
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    Dowsing and divning rods, what does the Church say?

    Hey everyone: So I am wondering what the Church teaches about the use of divining rods and dowsing not for monetary gain but for finding water.  Any thoughts  or real church teaching on this would be appreciated.  My immediate thoughts about this is that it is a big NO NO. Converted Viking
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    The Vatican against the Orthodox Church

    The Vatican against the Orthodox Church © 1965 by Avro Manhattan Excerpted from the book: Vatican Imperialism in the 20th Century http://www.reformation.org/vatican_against_the_orthodox_chu.html Not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not would the moderator please move it...
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    Patriarch Hazim in hospital after stroke / Antiochian patriarch Hospitalized after a stroke

    Please keep our Patriarch in your prayers.  Thank you. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Local-News/2012/Dec-04/197169-patriarch-hazim-in-hospital-after-stroke.ashx#axzz2E6B8mL5m Seraphim
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    Number of Cathoilics converting

    Hi: I am curious if any group  keeps statistics as to the numbers of Catholics converting to Orthodoxy and if so what do the numbers show.  I was a RC for 30 plus years before becoming a Greek Catholic who finally made it home to the Orthodox Church. Seraphim/ Einar
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    Hate name

    Hi: So here is the problem.  My given name is Norse and most defiantly pagan and when I was chrismated I took the name Seraphim.  I wish I could get folks at least at the church I am  member of to use it but for what ever reason they stick to the old name.  As a matter of fact I was visiting my...
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    So this post is going to seem crazy to most of you I am sure but would someone please tell me why we wear our shoes while at Divine Liturgy? It seems to me that coming into the church with all of the grime and dirt on the bottom of our shoes is just wrong.  I have been told that it simply is...
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    non biased comparison of Orthodoxy and Catholicism

    Hello: My wife is Roman Catholic and I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian.  She is starting to ask me questions about Orthodoxy and would like to get a book that is as unbiased as possible regarding the differences in our respective churches and the history involved.  If any of you could suggest...