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    The Pope lives in a hotel ?

    Agreed. An inner response to a higher calling is certainly different than campaigning for the job as some did!
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    What was Christ writing on the ground?

    Greetings Hiwot: Yes....I also now remember that beautiful additional detail to this story. Thank you for the reminder.  :)
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    All night vigil?

    That's a fact!  :o Monastic Services are famous for their length of duration. When you hear "Again and again, let us pray to the Lord", you can most certainly count on that. It's no joke! :P And when you hear "Let us complete our prayer unto the Lord", don't expect the end anytime soon.  ;)...
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    A question on the Immaculate Conception

    Hip Hip Hooray!  ;)
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    What's everyone listening to?

    Faces of the Desert:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4xHqLhIMio&feature=player_embedded
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    A question on the Immaculate Conception

    Greetings to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ ~ Quite frankly, I really don't see any worthwhile point in continuing the discussion on this thread. A clear stalemate was reached long ago. Both sides have repeatedly stated their respective views without any acceptable resolution. This...
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    Is the Orthodox Church really true?

    You, too, are neither then, right?  ??? Cosmos  :-\
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    A question on the Immaculate Conception

    I don't recall seeing any official Orthodox documents which declare the Immaculate Conception a heresy, although I certainly haven't read everything by any means. But I see many statements which merely view it as an unnecessary dogma unique to the Roman Catholic confession, and thus not a...
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    Is the Orthodox Church really true?

    Agreed. This is true. Specific ethnicity of any kind is not a requirement for embracing the Orthodox Faith. One needn't be a Greek, a Russian, a Syrian, a Romania, or any other ethnicity to be a member of the Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Nor does any specific ethnicity disqualify...
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    Is the Orthodox Church really true?

    Ha! Ha! Membership in the Roman Catholic Church is so large because it was primarily Roman Catholic Europeans who explored and settled the New World of North America and South America...namely the French, Portuguese, and Spanish, bringing RC missionaries with them who eventually converted entire...