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    Schlock Orthoproducts

    May I present....
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    Missionaries and evangelism

    btw.....because the OCMC is not belonging to a specific Orthodox Jursidiction, it has a board of directors , etc...... That said....they are also listed as agency by the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops..... which means they do...
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    Missionaries and evangelism while its true it's 'less' than what protestants do.... it also lacks the quick conversion and then who cares what happens....aspect. A very good thing, from my experience as a protestant missionary.
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    Some of our own need Prayers and help

    Friends, Two of our fellow members here at, Jovan and Alexandra need lots of prayers, and also any assistance you can give. They quite literally 'met' here and now have a family together. These are not strangers, but rather part of the crazy family here. from the linked page below...
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    Condolences to Mor
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    With customized Fiat, Polish priest offers spiritual emergency service This is the article..but there is also a video "(People) need the presence of a priest, who will not be locked up inside a church rectory or in the office, but who will accompany them in everyday life, in the...
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    Russian Orthodox Church Launches Own Winery I guess you could just cut out the middlemen.....
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    Sr. Vassa to speak in Eastern PA October 17-20 Its a series of 5 presentations in different places...
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    Hear with Your Heart: a Talk with Archpriest Andrei Goryachev this is simultaneously the saddest yet happiest thing I have read in ages.......on a day when i was filled with woes...I needed to ponder others who have much more burdens.
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    Pray for Dallas

    There have been multiple police fatalities during a protest in Dallas. Civilians are hiding from snipers... in general a terrible mess..... :(
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    dental/sinus surgery tomorrow

    I could use all the calming prayers in the having bone grafting and my sinus cavity lifted tomorrow as part of the dental implant process... will spare the details for the squeamish.....but i am scared and so forth.... :(
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    Georgian archaeologists have discovered unknown 10th century church The church was found during the course of preliminary archeological digging in connection with the large-scale restoration of the Atskuri Cathedral planned for 2017. Representatives of the Georgian clergy expressed the opinion that the Apostle...
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    Memory Eternal for Father William Today marks the 3rd year since his falling asleep. Oddly enough, I never met him. But he was one of the Priestly driving forces in a yahoo list for converts and potential converts.  He spoke with gentleness, never allowing all the...
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    4 new Romanian Saints Four new saints are to be counted amongst the ranks of those glorifying God and added to the calendar of the Romanian Orthodox Church, reports the Basilica News Agency. A working session of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church convened...
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    Jack Hanick and his family have been received into Orthodoxy in Moscow Maybe we can hope that a good influence on the news will come of this.