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    Vote for the New OSB Cover

    Number 1 as well.
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    What is everyone reading?

    The Children of Hurin is going quite well. :) I'm working my way through it slowly, however it *is* more readable than the Silmarillion, in that it focuses on one single tale with a small handful of main characters, and so is more localized in that respect. I love the Silmarillion, but my...
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    What is everyone reading?

    I am reading this as well. I just got through the section on prayer -- I found it most enlightening and practical in many ways, which is something I often need when being instructed on prayer. Also reading: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Saint Innocent Apostle to America by Paul D. Garrett...
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    Random Postings

    Thanks for the info, Ebor. I bookmarked the link and will give it a good look as soon as I can. :) Donna
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    Random Postings

    Can you elaborate on this? I have never heard of them -- is this an organization? (Since I plan to pursue my teacher certification in K-12 library science so that I can work in school libraries, this could affect me some day soon) :)
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    SS99 & Wife do it again!

    Congrats and Many Years to you all! Donna
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    Tolkien's son to release one of his unfinished works

    Just picked up my discounted copy today (at B&N)...hopefully I will be able to start reading it tonight, adding it to the 5 or so other books I'm reading (lol). Donna
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    Blacksburg/Virginia Tech

    Lord have mercy :(
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    Feasting Recipes

    Wonderful, thanks for the explanation! What you described was exactly what I was worried about -- I don't want to call it a Greek version of Paskha and then have to explain where that idea came from! I'll just say it's a Greek recipe and leave it at that -- assuming I can find the time on Pascha...
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    Feasting Recipes

    Tamara (and anyone else who can offer the following information), So, I am relatively new to Orthodoxy as well as the ethnic traditions (cooking and otherwise) that often go with it, this year being my second Pascha as a member of the Church. The Greek Molded Honey Cheesecake actually sounds...
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    wish decision

    My prayers are with you and your family... Lord have mercy on your servants! DRM
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    Coffee Freshness Question

    When I drink coffee, my favorite is Dunkin Donuts...can't fathom their donuts, but love their coffee. :) D
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    A beautiful end

    Thank you for posting this (as I grab a tissue to wipe my eyes lol)...what a wonderful true story to start my Monday with. :) Donna
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    Boys....gotta love 'em!

    Speaking of combustible household substances, wanna hear what a boy once taught me? As 11 year-olds, a friend and I used to have play-dates, and when I'd go to his house, he used to take his dad's WD-40 out of the garage and over to his driveway (away from anything that might catch fire), and...
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    Adjusting the Message- How Far Should We Go?

    That's a really good idea, to use the icon of the Creation as a learning tool while missioning in traditional cultures...I think even the iconographic depiction of the outdoors and nature, and the fact that God (i.e. Christ depicted in the icon) plays a direct and integral role in its (nature's)...