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    Retired Metropolitan made extremely unfortunate comments about rape

    Many years ago, because of some of his slanderous remarks, I was commissioned by the relevant agencies to conduct relevant investigations. Since then I had found that this guy is a habitual liar, a mentally unstable megalomaniac, and in every sense unworthy as a bishop. Anaxios!
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    Stop the execution of EO Anthony (Frank) Atwood

    What is the reason for this appeal? 1, because it's a wrongful case. 2. Because this person was a monk, he should not be executed. 3. The Orthodox Church opposes the death penalty in any form. In the case of the first item, then the appealer should collect evidence and provide it to...
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    A Musical Setting for the DL of St John Chrysostom in Chinese

    The text's language style is a strange mixture of several quite different traditions(for example:the so called'new school chinese orthodoxy'——which reject the traditional liturgical language of Chinese Orthodox Church,and promote the use of the vernacular;and the roman catholic) I can not...
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    New hierarch issues new antimins?!?!?!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtvLcGC5cOo I really do not understand this “άλλος μητροπολίτης άλλο αντιμήνσιον” phenomenon. First above all, such action seems to has no canonical basis in the church tradition.Secondly, this is not logical:since antimension is a substitute of an agia trapeza,if...
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    Nektarios of Aegina's O Pure Virgin

    What is the essential difference between a "para-liturgical" and a liturgical hymn?Those verses inserted into the Λόγον αγαθόν and αγνή παρθένε are very similar,what makes the former "liturgical"?
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    Photo of the Day: Putin Takes the Throne?

    In Japan the emperor be commemorated in Divine Liturgy &Vespers& Matins ktl. If the Tennosama attended the church service,should he  be installed into the Despotiko Throno?
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    "Athonite vestments"?

    Generally speaking, the priest ‘up’ his phelon when he need to carefully handle the Gifts (during Proskomide;receiving and giving Holy Communion and so on). On some points ,he cover his hands by phelon in order to show a deep fear and awe for example: the priest bring out the Gospel Book with...
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    "Athonite vestments"?

    such umbrella be called "ουράνια(haven)",I think it originally belonged to the Empress of Byzantine.
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    "Athonite vestments"?

    According to the typikon and athonite paradosis ,Ieromonachos should cover their hands by the front piece of Phelon in some points of service.And they also should "put down" and “elevate(fix with buttons )"the e front piece of Phelon in the specified case of service.
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    In a Beijing suburb, an unorthodox architectural tribute

    You see some odd things in China; just last week I came across a Buddhist monk paying his prayerful respects to a statue of Mao Zedong in the former Chinese leader’s hometown. The authors feel that this phenomenon is strange, because he do not know the tradition of Chinese Mahayana...
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    EP Metropolitan excommunicated MP priest

    russian: Воздви́жение Честно́го и Животворя́щего Крста́= ὕψωσις τοῦ τιμίου καὶ ζωοποιοῦ Σταυροῦ
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    Holy Russia again / Poll shows most Russians are Orthodox Christians, but fewer pray or read Bible

    Such surveys are nothing more than heretical trap. 1,Who told them"personal bible reading make you orthodox"?There are "bible reading"in every liturgy,sunday matins,feast vespers and many other services. Why "bible listening" doesnt make you good christian?Such idea like:"As long as you do not...
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    EP Metropolitan excommunicated MP priest

    Yes,the letter doesn't mention the name of this priest,but if you check the site of this parish: http://orthodoxchurch.com.tw/ you can see the name and pic of the en-logo priest .Actually he is the only priest of the new re-established parish of Ypsosis tou Timiou Staurou.
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    EP Metropolitan excommunicated MP priest

    1,HE Nektarios non-canonically suspended Priest Kiril Shkarbul from every priestly service in 2012 (he is not a priest under HE's omophorion. 2,Since the issue of suspension,Priest Kiril Shkarbul no more can serve in Agia Trias parish. 3,After the expel from the Agia Trias parish,Priest Kiril...