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    Breaking Bread in their Homes

    Acts 2:46. They broke bread in their homes in simplicity. I realise your priests do take the bread and wine into the homes of people who are sic or unable to attend service but, this seems to be standard in the early church, not reserved for the elderly and infirm.
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    Visiting a Serbian Church

    I'm going along to a Serbian service tomorrow morning and i want to know what to expect; what will other people do during the service for example, that i might be expected to do?
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    Signs and Wonders

    Just curious and in need of a lighter hearted thread. I was wondering if there were any signs that someone has been born into an Orthodox faith as opposed to those that have converted. Are there distinct and noticable differences between Orthodox converts and what you call 'cradle Orthodox'...
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    Fill your life with hundreds of rituals and if you have time left, follow me!

    We are told to take up our cross, not to perform ritualised hand movements merely to remind us of what Jesus did. Why clog the Christian life with rituals piled high on top of one another and then to discuss how many times we're all supposed to do them or in what way we do them? Doesn't life...
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    What's [a] 'Rubenvest'?

    Someone at work mentioned it so i have no idea if it's spelled correctly or even if i heard it properly -- i think i did. It was mentioned in a conversation about Eastern Orthodox people. The thing is, i can't ask her now as she flies back to Canada today. She was only over for a few weeks...
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    How does obedience relate to salvation?

    Would you say that obedience is a condition for salvation or more of a result of salvation? Can you explain your reasons, thank you.
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    We are all Priests offering spiritual sacrifices to God

    What do Orthodox believe about all believers being priests? 1 Peter 2:5-9 Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ...But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a...
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    Traditions of Men vs Traditions of God

    The standard response from a non-orthodox Christian when traditions are mentioned is that we should not follow traditions of men but instead be led by the Spirit of God. (I would place myself firmly here) Orthodox make a distinction between tradition of men and traditions of God. Could one...
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    Being Confident of this...

    Philippians 1:6 "..being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." I don't see this confidence in Orthodoxy. I see guilt, unworthiness and a burden that crushes people not a liberating freedom which causes people to...
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    Church Invisible

    The reason i can't accept the orthodox position on many issues is simply because i don't accept the visible church. It colours everything i read and makes it impossible to view certain topics any other way. The church that's being built is a spiritual one. It's all about having the law written...
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    Awkward Family Movie Moment

    There's a word in Princess Bride that my nephew picked up on and wouldn't stop saying. We all tried to ignore it when he kept saying it as he wouldn't be persuaded that it was another word however hard we tried. Then there was a road trip movie we all watched with my gran and parents in the...
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    Worst Ever (+most useless +inappropriate) Christmas Gift

    I have a few: a recycled gift that i'd given the person the year before, a can of antifreeze i received from an ex (i wouldn't sleep with him -- he even went to the trouble of wrapping and tagging it) and some furry dice when i'd failed my driving test two days before. I cried and used one on...
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    A Different Perspective

    If an adult son (Christian, not living at home -- has his own family etc.), was treating their dad (also Christian) badly (who lives nearby and alone, 65 years old, not invited for family Christmas at son's house when all other members were invited etc.) and there was no response from the son...
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    Error page

    When i click on New Replies, i sometimes get a white page with black text in the left top corner saying it's a MOD MFY error (if i've remembered that correctly, i should have copied it. Just letting know whoever needs to know so that they're in the know.
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    Protestants performing Orthodox practices,41178.msg671544.html#msg671544 Why are they "Orthodox" practices? If these are right practices, then surely they're not limited to Orthodoxy? Wouldn't that make them Christian practices and therefore when practised by a Christian, would...