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  1. Fr. George

    Death penalty

    I'm not sure you and I can agree on this use of "iconic." The death penalty (and death itself) are real and imminent, insofar as they affect one's ability to repent and represent the unnatural separation of what were intended to be united in eternity (body and soul). The real icon that you're...
  2. Fr. George

    I have joined ROCOR Western Rite.

    We're genuinely glad that you're coming into Orthodoxy, and are making progress in your understanding of the faith and its practice. A major portion of that is true and genuine repentance - demonstrated in deed more than word. I continue to hold out hope that all relationships can be repaired...
  3. Fr. George

    Death penalty

    I do think that the above (which are my observations about the Death Penalty viz-a-viz the OT) don't inhibit us from saying: As individuals, we should always seek to turn the other cheek when threats affect only us We should defend the weak, powerless, widowed, orphaned, poor, stranger, hungry...
  4. Fr. George

    Death penalty

    The death penalty is a hard thing to wrestle with. While I'm not in favor of it - especially nowadays, when imprisonment is easier and cheaper than the legal process for execution - the Scriptures provide for it with a few specific purposes in mind: As a deterrent, demonstrating the severity...
  5. Fr. George

    For the repose of my friend, Maria K.

    May her memory be eternal!
  6. Fr. George

    For my parents and I

    Lord, have mercy! Any updates, @Rhinosaur ?
  7. Fr. George

    For peace in my country, and all countries

    Lord, have mercy.
  8. Fr. George

    For the repose of my uncle's mom, Gilka

    May her memory be eternal!
  9. Fr. George

    Archimandrite Panteleimon (Farah) RIP

    Memory eternal!
  10. Fr. George

    In which we discuss the cultural acceptability of the South, re: Orthodoxy

    And were later targeted by the KKK. There's no part of this that is neat and tidy - when Abp. Iakovos marched with Dr. King, he got hate mail from his own parishioners in the South, despite the fact that Greeks in the South had been targets of segregation and racist backlash for decades. To...
  11. Fr. George

    Departed Forum Members

    A compiled list (that I can continue to update), organized by time of year (to help with remembrance/prayers in Church). Mary Cecilia (MaryCecelia) - 01/02/2010 Mark (rwprof) - 01/07/2010 Fr. John (Archpriest John W Morris) - 01/15/2021 George (Heorhij) - 02/14/2021 Joseph Daniel (paisius) -...
  12. Fr. George

    Departed Forum Members

    Memory eternal!
  13. Fr. George

    Really really cool (but kinda distressing) news

    Congratulations! May the Lord bless you both richly, and may your child come into the world healthy and joyous, and may they live up to the high calling of Christ. Amen. Repent, be healed, and move forward by His Grace and in His strength.
  14. Fr. George

    Tollhouses: purification or condemnation?

    Note: all from the Slavic traditions, and all relatively new (from Orthodoxy).
  15. Fr. George

    Tollhouses: purification or condemnation?

    The book makes the same mistake that others make: the vast majority of references cited as "tollhouse" related only point to "once your soul leaves the body, it will see the existing spiritual world, and will be more intensely subject to the warfare there, including an accounting of its sins."...