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    Green Lamps?

    When I was in seminary at Holy Cross, they even changed the curtain before the Holy Doors to the color of the season. Fr. John.
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    Resignation of Metropolitan Constantine of Baghdad and Kuwait accepted

    I do not know why Jerusalem cares about Qatar. I do know, however, that Qatar s in the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Antioch. It is uncanonical for one autocephalous Church to establish a parish, much less an Archdiocese within the canonical territory of another autocephalous...
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    Green Lamps?

    In Antiochan tradition, we wear green vestments during July because of Pentecost.  My sacristan changes all the lamps and votive lights on the candle stands on the Holy Table to green. Next week, he will change them to blue for the fast of the Theotokos. Fr. John W. Morris.
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    Resignation of Metropolitan Constantine of Baghdad and Kuwait accepted

    Qatar is in the historical canonical territory of Antioch as defined by the Council of Chalcedon. Jerusalem was wrong to violate the canonical territory of Antioch by establishing a parish in Qatar in the first place. Jerusalem only compounded its wrong by consecrating a Bishop for Qatar. Fr...
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    What is this incense gun?

    The large censer is in the Cathedral of St. James in northern Spain. You put incense in a hand censer the same way that you put it on a regular censer with a small spoon. Fr. John W. Morris.
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    Anyone else struggle/ dislike Eatern Rite liturgy?

    I could not disagree more. The Orthodox Church expresses its doctrine in its liturgical texts. For that reason, services should be done in a language that the people understand. There is nothing wrong with using a little foreign language for something like the Trisagion the meaning of which...
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    Final Call for a Spiritual Revival in the Patriarchate of Jerusalem

    Meanwhile, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem continues to support an Archbishop within the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Antioch. Why has Jerusalem provoked the Patriarchate of Antioch while ignoring the spiritual needs of its Arabic speaking flock? Fr. John W. Morris.
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    Paraklesis to the Theotokos

    It is the 9th ode of the canon of the Saint. A complete Menaion will have a canon for every Saint. Fr. John W. Morris.
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    What is this incense gun?

    It is also a Holy Week censer. If you look at the rubrics for Holy Week at least in the Antiochian tradition, they specify that the Priest is to cense with the Hand Censer at the beginning of the Matins services for Holy Week, (The Bridegroom, Holy Thursday and Holy Friday) and during the Royal...
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    The Liturgy of St. James

    In theory the Liturgy of St. James can be offered in any Eastern Orthodox Church on the Feast of St. James, and the Sunday After Christmas. I have never tried it because it would be to confusing for the people of my parish. Fr. John W. Morris.
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    The Liturgy of St. James

    When I did prison ministry at a federal prison, I was told that if I served a Divine Liturgy, I had to give Communion to anyone who approach the Chalice and could not refuse anyone. I decided it was best not to try to serve a Divine Liturgy. However, the prison chaplain was forced to back down...
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    Presbyterians Vote to Allow Gay Marriage by Whopping 3-1 Ratio.

    At our Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocesan Convention last summer in Houston, we passed a resolution opposing same sex marriage without opposition. Fr. John W. Morris.
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    Holy Trinity Parish in Dearborn, MI, closes doors. :(

    I believe that our large Antiochian Orthodox Arabic speaking parish in Livonia is close to Dearborn. Fr. John W. Morris
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    You completely misunderstand me if you do not think that I consider children a blessing. I deeply love and treasure my son and daughter.  I would not marry a couple who told me that they never plan to have children. It is clear from the text of the Orthodox marriage service that having children...