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    Coronavirus and Communion

    Will the faithful saved fear conquered death? (I wanted to add that to my last post but it doesnt let me edit again)
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    Coronavirus and Communion

    I wish I could find some homilies from the time of the Justinian plague or other plagues, I want to hear what the holy shepherds said when their sheep were beset by plagues. But I cannot find any from the Orthodox Church saints so far. One thing I keep thinking of, is in the end times there...
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    Coronavirus and Communion

    Is the Eucharist corruptible? This has been debated in the past. Although it is not specifically regarding disease. Niketas Choniates writes in his Historia:   "At this time the doctrine of the Holy Sacraments was brought to light and divided the Christian flock into opposing factions and...
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    How many GOARCH clergy support the EP's new supremacy ecclesiology?

    https://orthodoxethos.com/post/the-new-ecclesiology-of-patriarch-bartholomew There is more wrong with EP ecclesiology than just their self-imposed deception of supremacy , By the way, I have heard that it is only in around the past 100 years that the EP actually started using the title...
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    Week of protests against building new church produces results

    Churches were on these parklands, until communism destroyed them and replaced them with parks. The residents decided, they are happy with the result.
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    90% of Americans with Greek Roots No Longer in Communion with Orthodox Church.

    There is a beginning and an end. Every day that passes is a day closer to the end. Who knows when the end is save God, but one can mark that it is not getting further away! In my personal/uneducated opinion there will not be a general recovery ("great awakening") to the overall decline. Numbers...
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    MP breaks communion!

    This is ridiculous. There must be a council and it must have all bishops invited. It must have for its agenda only to discuss any and all complaints and problems that anyone wishes to bring up, and let them decide on all of it, with no set schedule except its start date and location. All of...
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    Best Orthodox writings On the Saints / From the Saints?

    St. John Chrysostom: Cult of the Saints https://www.amazon.com/Saints-Vladimirs-Seminary-Popular-Patristics/dp/088141302X It's just a collection of homilies by the saint, explaining the lives of various saints. And it is so wonderful, because it speaks exactly as if you were there in the...
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    I don't see the difference from these Chinese "state-bishops" and those which were invested by monarchs a millennia ago
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    Orthodox Church Divided Over Priest's Ill-Fated Satellite Blessing

    are they worried about the holy water? what is the real story behind this
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    Head of Russian Orthodox Church Warns of 'the End of History'

    Society can unite to end the apocolypse? I think that is wrong
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    https://publicorthodoxy.org/2017/11/03/orthodox-hymnography-gender-binary/ Link to article
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    German Monastery to Shut Its Doors After Almost 900 Years

    TFW someone can't read. Maybe you should pay attention, I said "ancient" I hoped people would notice the nuance. I do not care at all about the post schism monasteries, except for their perhaps historical value. The ancient monasteries, and churches were consecrated by those in the Church. Even...
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    German Monastery to Shut Its Doors After Almost 900 Years

    What is most depressing is seeing the ancient monestaries being turned into restaurants and concert halls Really the demons trample over the old secularized monasteries
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    German Monastery to Shut Its Doors After Almost 900 Years

    http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,55840.msg1056501.html#msg1056501 This is a link to the discussion about this incident. Andhere is a news video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ieOWH09oa_A