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    Holy Hangover

    I agree with both of you, as this used to be my experience as well. After church, everyone, cousins, aunts, uncles, would go to Aunt Sophie's or Grandma's for something to eat. God, family, and football were the priorities on Sunday in that order. :D Now, it's just me and Dad and a priest...
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    Glenview priest (formerly Milwaukee) accused of "mismanaged" funds

    Yay! We're getting the band back together!
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    Comedian and actor Robin Williams has died

    My thoughts exactly. When I was 21, a very good friend of mine took her life. Our families had been friends since they came over here from the old country 100 years ago. She was only 19. As she was Ukrainian Catholic the family had to "lie" to the priest and say it was an "accidental...
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    For my husband's back

    Thank you, for your prayers. He received a prescription yesterday for painkillers and muscle relaxers, so he was at least able to sleep last night. Hopefully some relief will come in the coming weeks as he begins Physical Therapy and such. It's all just very disheartening.
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    Comedian and actor Robin Williams has died

    I am so sad over this. I feel like a family member died. It's tragic.
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    For my husband's back

    Thank you, Liza!
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    For my husband's back

    Ever since I met my husband over three years ago, he has suffered with back pain. Last week, we finally got a diagnosis; the cause of his back pain is Scheuermann's disease. This causes for him to have an excessive curvature of the thoracic spine, causing a great amount of pain and deterioration...
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    Do Muslims worship the same God as do Jews and Trinitarian Christians?

    How much hubris must one have to assume that because another person prays differently than you, that God doesn't hear their prayers, or that they are praying to a different God? Honestly. Worry about your own prayer life and less about who is praying to what and how. When the world starts...
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    Some Things You Should Know While in Church

    The invitation from the Orthodox Church is "Come and see." Not, "come and see and follow this list of rules." Most people have enough good sense about them to be quiet and follow the lead of their surroundings without a list of "do's and do not's" put in front of them.
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    Should we use nicknames to address our priests and each other?

    This advice is applicable to every area in life. I see no reason to modify it in Church. I don't feel our doctrine or Liturgy is being threatened if "Fr. Thomas" prefers to be called "Fr. Tom."
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    Catechumen-soon to be Orthodox, asking important question

    Why do you reject the baptism of the Catholic Church and desire a new baptism so strongly? Why do you feel that you are right, and the Bishop is wrong in accepting you via chrismation? Do not deny your Catholic background; rather, see it as part of the journey that lead you to where you are...
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    Some Things You Should Know While in Church

    While I cannot speak for username!, I agree with his statement. This piece seems to be more concerned with legalism and everyone following the prescribed rules of etiquette than being a "hospital for sinners." It screams "thou shalt be judged by thy behaviour in Church, and we may not speak to...
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    Some Things You Should Know While in Church

    Wow, just about everyone in my parish would be kicked out if they followed this list, and we've been around for over 100 years!
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    What does everyone look like?

    So nothing I do is allowing me to upload the picture, modify my previous post, or post what I want. Sorry I wasted everyone's time.