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    A Project to Document History of Armenian-Ethiopians

    A timely and wonderful endeavor I am very excited about this ! ;D http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/552004009/t-e-z-e-t-a-the-ethiopian-armenians http://www.tadias.com/08/02/2012/a-project-to-document-history-of-armenian-ethiopians/
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    Prayers for Feven and her family

    Please pray for my little cousin 15 yrs old Feven who reposed in the Lord, last night after a sudden incident of acute heart failure. Her mom passed away recently so this tragedy hits the entire family really hard so please pray for them as well. Thank you.
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    Preaching the Gospel with few words: the story of a life remembered

    Selam lekulekemu :) One of the darkest hours of Ethiopian history has been the reign of the communist regime, the Orthodox church and everything she stood for was seen as the enemy and a process of slowly destroying her was begun. the patriarch along with many clergy was executed, many more...
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    The Confession of Emperor Gelawdewos of Ethiopia

    Christ is Risen! Selam Everyone :) here is a bit of history for those interested :) The confession of Emperor Gelawdewos The Jesuits that came at the time of Emperor Gelawdewos with the Portuguese , after failing to make Ethiopia under the Vatican they started circulating accusations against...