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    Job Haters Anonymous (or not so anonymous)

    I've heard a lot of hints at users hating their jobs I wanted to devote a thread to talk about these issues: what we hate about our jobs and what we can do to overcome them.... I'll begin..... The real reason I hate my job is because I hate my fact, that's...
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    Where were you ten years ago?

    okay, it's 4:30 in the morning and I have nothing better to do than post some wasteful thread.....the topic is: "where were you ten years ago?" Let me begin: ten years ago I was in drug rehab (at a "Christ-centered" teen drug-rehab program called "Second Chance" in Memphis, TN) for my opiate...
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    Eschatology and pessimism vs. optimism

    There's been something on my mind for quite a while.  I am quite sure that the Church holds that the Apocalypse to St. John the Beloved is a prophecy about the times immediately preceding the Parousia.....I'm sure the Church has anathematized "post-millienialism" (the belief that all of St...
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    The Official "Do-You-Go-To-This-Church?"-thread

    Hello all yous guys, blokes, mates, buddies, g's, homies, amigos, and amies, Freunden, etc. I wanted to start one thread which would contain all questions pertaining to the subject of whether or not some given person goes to some given church at some given place....(some give 'n' take with my...
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    Apokatastasis: heresy or no?

    Okay....I want the pro's and con's here: is Apokatastasis really incompatible with the Church's teaching?  Does the Ecumenical Patriarch really subscribe to this doctrine?  Are the anathema's of Emperor Justinian against Origen's universalist teachings really part of Constantinople 553....or are...
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    Who are the Marionites and what do they believe?

    ......see subject title. I have heard that the Marionites used to be Monothelites (i.e. they accepted Chalcedon, but rejected Constantinople III), then later on became a Uniate branch of the RCC.  Is this accurate or way off? Also....what is their role in the violence that takes place in Lebanon?
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    Does the Oriental Orthodox Church affirm theosis?

    Greetings in the name of Haile Selassie, everyone (just kidding) but seriously, I had a question..... I was recently told that the Oriental Orthodox Church does not suscribe to the "theosis" doctrine.  Is this true?  Having been through recent inclinations to join the OO Church (but will...
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    anybody from Grand Rapids, Michigan?

    Quick question: does anybody go to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan?  If you do, would you please either post or PM me for info about when the Eritrean Orthodox Liturgy meets at this Church? Thank you..... You may now resume your real threads.....
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    Are converts "protestantizing" the Church?

    Hey...I just wanted to bring up two separate, yet related, issues..... Does anyone ever feel that there is too much clickiness in Orthodox parishes? Like at my parish (this is why I am actually in the process of switching parishes), as soon as the after-liturgy coffee starts, it begins: the...
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    Was there Origenism before Origen?

    This is a topic that's being discussed on another forum I visit. Exactly how much of Apokastasis/Origenism was invented by Origen and how much of it did he receive from a "tradition" of some sort? Was there Origenism before Origen? Check out this article by Clement of Alexandria, which seems...
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    Are there such things as "soul mates"?

    This is something I've been wondering to myself the last few days.... Do I have a soul-mate? If so, is she of necessity, Orthodox?  Should, "Are you Orthodox" be a pick-up line?  Can God give you a non-christian for a soul-mate?  Or is it all just an old-wive's tale?
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    Why are there miracles in other churches?

    This is a question that has haunted me for quite some time.... Why are there reports of miracles in churches which are not Orthodox?  (Catholics, read: why are there reports of miracles in churches which are not RCC?)  For example, dead-raisings, Christ-encounters, Holy-Virgin encounters...
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    what's wrong with Transubstantiation?

    I'm sorry if this topic has already been discussed but I didn't feel like searching for hours..... My question:  what is all the fuss about Transubstantiation?  Coming from the Orthodox Church, I have no problem with it.  I mean....all it says is that "the substance changes while the accidents...
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    Has the Catholic Church become anti-Catholic?

    okay....just some questions Why do I hear so many Catholics who converted to EO say that the RCC has become too Protestant? I recently attended a Catholic Mass and I only heard one reference to the Holy Virgin (and a vague reference at that).  Why is that?  and why won't Pope John Paul II give...