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    Prayers for Fr. Elia

    Lord, have Mercy!
  2. Ikonguru

    Pray for me, lots of troubles

    Lord, have Mercy!
  3. Ikonguru

    Corona Virus Vaccine Poll

    There are "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" - Mark Twain
  4. Ikonguru

    Virgin Birth in the Animal Kingdom

    I did not know until recently that a Virgin Birth in the animal Kingdom is possible as well, e.g the female Kimodo Dragon is cabable of reproducing by a process called Parthenogenesis , so why do some people ridicule the idea of the human Virgin Birth? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenogenesis
  5. Ikonguru

    Corona Virus Vaccine Poll

    I don't think I will get it just yet. My Wife has had it because her job needed it, so if there are probs at least one of us might survive for our kids sake. Just watched this vid - World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche details latest science about it A COMING COVID CATASTROPHE...
  6. Ikonguru

    Teenage Son feels suicidal

    Thanks for all your prayers. I largely blame myself as I haven't been a particularly good role model or ideal parent - I have been too absorbed in my own issues to be an effective parent.
  7. Ikonguru

    Teenage Son feels suicidal

    When he's not playing on his PS4 he is surfing on his iphone. We are trying to arrange some guitar lessons for him as he has expressed an interest in this.
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    Teenage Son feels suicidal

    Please pray for our teenage Son Alex who is struggling at college and feeling suicidal. He likes online PS4 gaming and says he doesn't want to live in this world. He does not believe in God although he was baptised in the Catholic Church. We are trying to get some counselling or other...
  9. Ikonguru

    Muslim Turks Insult the Cross!

    Apparently Muslim Turks have been making shoes and slippers with a cross in the sole. The shoe is considered unclean in Islam. This is a sign of contempt to Christianity, they want people to step on the cross ...
  10. Ikonguru

    Neighbour, Job, Life issues

    Please pray for me and my Wife and 2 kids. I have neighbour issues again (why does this keep recurring with me - I am really not good at this commandment...)  noise, not sleeping well. Trying to get back into work - again. Trying to join the local Greek Orthodox church - been a few times now...
  11. Ikonguru

    St John the Apostle

    The Acts of John From "The Apocryphal New Testament" gives some details about the supposed burial ''115 And having sealed himself in every part, he stood and said: Thou art with me, O Lord Jesu Christ: and laid himself down in the trench where he had strown his garments: and having said unto...
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    Biopsy on Friday to rule out Esophageal Cancer.

    Lord have Mercy!
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    Christian Ethics for starting own Biz

    Thanks for the links.
  14. Ikonguru

    Christian Ethics for starting own Biz

    You mean 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'' ? Yes, that's good advice!
  15. Ikonguru

    Christian Ethics for starting own Biz

    I would like to start some kind of part-time, probably on-line Business, maybe using eBay or similar. Basically, we need extra income and I like the idea of being in control of a Biz, rather than being at the mercy of an immoral, greed-driven, regular Corporation. I am concerned about the...