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    Pope Francis lifts restrictions on married Eastern Catholic priests.

    My career's in liturgy. I've had extensive life in both the Roman and Eastern rites.
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    End of communism not all good for Christianity: Vatican

    I think you're overreading the quotation. "not all good" is absolutely true, the end of communism wasn't rainbows and puppies in all places at all times for Christianity. But that certainly doesn't mean "things were better when the wall was still up."
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    Pope Francis lifts restrictions on married Eastern Catholic priests.

    To 1 - I don't disagree. But it seems as though podkarpatska, who does not recognize the Pope nor is affected in any way about what the Pope does to the Eastern Churches, has to mount the soapbox about how unjust Rome is to the Eastern Churches in pretty much every thread. To 2 - I'll wear the...
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    Orthodoxy and Secularism.

    Depends on what you mean by secularism, really. Some people take it to mean nothing more than that the government should not persecute religious minorities. That I can get behind. But once you start saying "the government shouldn't recognize any religion as being true", well, that's when you...
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    Jews,Samaritans and Levites-what is the difference?

    He's referencing the Book of Hosea. Give it a read, it's not very long.
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    When your spouse has lukewarm faith

    This 100%. Paul did say "wives, submit to your husbands", but his view of submission is considerably more nuanced than the fundamentalist Protestants that take this to mean that wives should be slaves and husbands should be loving slave-owners.
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    Presentation of the BVM feast day Nov 21

    You're well-educated, but half the facts you mention are half-facts. St. Thomas Aquinas' position on Mary's sinfulness, today, would not be condemned as being contrary to IC, because he says that it's perfectly viable to hold that she was entirely free from the foams of sin when she was...
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    Presentation of the BVM feast day Nov 21

    Will the Orthodox ever collectively come out and say "we believe in the Immaculate Conception", probably not. Will they ever collectively agree that their view of Mary is compatible with IC, yes, I think so.
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    Pope Francis lifts restrictions on married Eastern Catholic priests.

    Nobody's forcing Unia on you. Give it  rest.
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    Jews,Samaritans and Levites-what is the difference?

    Oops, my bad. Yesh is right, the Samaritans' parallel religion began with the Assyrian conquest, not the Babylonian one.
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    What does everyone look like?

    Can't post any personal photos (trying to remain anonymous here), but I look exactly like a certain anime character:
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    Question from an outsider, of sorts - Israel

    Alright folks, the original question has been answered several times over. Instead of speculating about the original poster's state of mind, let's leave this thread alone until she clarifies.
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    Anointing brush

    OK. Gotcha, thank you  ;)
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    RE: Was the Gospel of Matthew originally written in Aramaic?

    Paris is a big place. How about you tell me the papyrus number for the manuscript?
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    Former converts, why did you leave?

    Matthew discussion continued here: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,62241.new.html#new