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Recent content by IXOYE

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    The OrthodoxChristianity.net Fund Drive

    Your donations are appreciated. Thank you for your help.
  2. IXOYE

    Please, Velinka needs prayer

    Lord, have mercy!
  3. IXOYE

    Please pray for Bonnie who is elderly and has Covid

    Lord, have mercy!
  4. IXOYE

    For fr. Antonios (covid with earlier lung problems)

    Lord, have mercy!
  5. IXOYE

    For the health of my grandma Marisa

    Lord, have mercy!
  6. IXOYE

    I'm in a very difficult situation

    Lord, have mercy!
  7. IXOYE

    My parents might get a divorce

    Lord, have mercy!
  8. IXOYE

    My uncle had a heart attack

    Lord, have mercy!
  9. IXOYE

    A health issue bothers me recently

    Lord, have mercy!
  10. IXOYE

    Departed Forum Members

    Memory eternal!
  11. IXOYE

    The OrthodoxChristianity.net Fund Drive

    Thank you to all our contributors! This website is grateful for your donation.
  12. IXOYE

    My Auntie Bev passed. Please pray for her.

    Lord, have mercy!
  13. IXOYE

    Mom Taken to Hospital

    Lord, have mercy!
  14. IXOYE

    Stergios has cancer

    Lord, have mercy!
  15. IXOYE

    For John's very serious health problem!!!

    Lord, have mercy!