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  1. JamesRottnek

    For my friend Daniel

    Earlier this evening, my friend Daniel called me to say he was going to kill himself and had taken a bunch of pills.  Obviously, I called 9-1-1 right away, and I was finally just able to find out that he is now in the emergency room and in a physically stable condition.  This is the second time...
  2. JamesRottnek

    Question concerning rule on ad hominem and polemics in Christian news

    Considering the large number of attacks one entire ecclesial communities (most notably the Episcopal Church), what qualifies as an ad hominem or polemic that is forbidden to Christian news?
  3. JamesRottnek

    Any good books on ecclesiology?

    Since my last thread like this went so well, I'm wondering if anyone could point me to a good book or two or three (that are recent) on ecclesiology. And by ecclesiology, I don't mean 'What does the Church look like today?' nor 'What did the Church look like back then?' nor 'Here are some great...
  4. JamesRottnek

    A book on the history of confession

    Can anyone recommend any books on the history/development of the rite of confession?  I've had a great deal of difficulty finding even the name of a single book on the subject.
  5. JamesRottnek

    For the repose of Fred Phelps

    I'd ask all of you to remember Fred Phelps in your Lenten prayers.  Lord have mercy on the soul of Fred Phelps, and grant him the peace which he could not receive in this life.
  6. JamesRottnek

    For Me

    I seldom ask for prayer requests because I don't like to take up people's time, and have felt a bit awkward asking people to take the time to pray for my cousin, periodically. But, I'm going through something at the moment, that I'd rather not discuss publicly on the forum, and I would...
  7. JamesRottnek

    An inquiry regarding our photo software

    I have recently been informed that this site runs Phoca Gallery, but that we run Phoca Gallery version 2.2.4.  I therefore would like to inquire as to when this website plans on updating the photo software to Phoca Gallery 4.0?
  8. JamesRottnek


    I am not actually sure where to post this, so I thought I'd put it here.  Mods, please feel free to move this to wherever. I am wondering whether or not anyone can give me sources/writings to go to in the Fathers and other theologians (modern and ancient) where they discuss the nature of sin...
  9. JamesRottnek


    now have a job.
  10. JamesRottnek

    James the Brother of Jesus

    Has anyone here read the book James the Brother of Jesus, by Robert Eisenman?  If so, can you tell me that it is worth the thousand pages of reading?  That is, chiefly, if it is sound, and not a bunch of half-truths?  I just finished the introduction, and it seems interesting, but I'd rather not...
  11. JamesRottnek

    If I could just have a few moments of your time...

    Today is the one year anniversary of the suicide of my cousin, Preston.  If those of you who read this could just take a few moments to pray for him, it would mean a great deal to me.
  12. JamesRottnek

    Medical treatment for animals

    So in another thread it was mentioned that somebody's neighbor is having their dog go through chemo because it has cancer.  I'm curious as to how much people here are willing to spend to treat medical problems in their animals.
  13. JamesRottnek

    Problem with a key on my laptop

    The left arrow key on my laptop has decided it no longer has a duty to remain attached to the keyboard; does anyone know how to compel this wayward key's fidelity to my laptop?
  14. JamesRottnek

    So I was at my first Catholic mass...

    and I have a few questions about whether or not things are standard practice.  Firstly, is it normal for a priest to sit down during the Gospel reading and to have a woman reading it instead?  Secondly, is it normal to have a woman - instead of the priest - saying the things for which we are to...
  15. JamesRottnek

    Why did God create?

    Why did God bother with creating anyone or anything if He doesn't have some sort of emotional or spiritual need for His creation?