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    Writers to avoid

    There's nothing wrong with sticking to 'accepted' literature.  It's quite another thing to avoid books that are "tolerant of Roman Catholicism."  BTW, I doubt seriously that there are many books that are "accepted by all in the Church." 
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    Writers to avoid

    Oh no...not "tolerant" of Roman Catholic???  Sorry for the sarcasm but come on...  ::) You're lucky.  Go speak with Fr. John Schroedel about this and you'll be steered in the right direction.  Jennifer
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    Artifical Birth control- RCC/Orthodox perspective

    This is a controversial subject.  Some Orthodox Christians teach that artificial birth control is never acceptable.  Other Orthodox priests teach that certain forms are acceptable with the permission of one's spiritual father.  No Orthodox priest would allow a form of abortion, such as the birth...
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    Daily Liturgy?

    Just speculating here, but another reason why daily liturgies are probably not common in Orthodox parishes is that the priest is supposed to refrain from sexual intercourse with his wife the night before.  If there were liturgies every day...well you get the drift.
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    Would like to hear from former RCC's

    I was born and raised Roman Catholic and never really thought all that much about the pope.  As I learned more about Orthodoxy I learned more about the development of the papacy.  I don't think I ever wholeheartedly accepted it.  I accepted it because the Roman Catholic Church said it was true...
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    Would like to hear from former RCC's

    Hi Cassian, I'm a former Roman Catholic.  I converted to Orthodoxy approximately a year ago.  My primary 'intellectual' reason for converting was that I came to doubt the papal dogmas.  I couldn't understand why communion with Rome was the most important thing.  I think it's very important...
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    Orthodox single mothering

    Hi Humbled!  I'm in the process of becoming a single mother by choice through adoption.  I have yet to meet another Orthodox one so I think we're pretty unusual. 
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    Names for Children

    Hi everyone, Long time, no see.  Anyone have any advice for an Orthodox name with Spanish 'connections?'  I'm adopting a baby from Guatemala and while it's a little early for me to be picking out names (still waiting for approval from INS), I can't help thinking about this.  Right now I'm...
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    Re: Downsides of Converting

    You won't get any "lumps" from me because I think what you write here is very sensible.  A good friend of mine is a Roman Catholic priest.  He's very pious and fasts every lent but he's asked me very pointedly at times why I'm trying to keep a monastic discipline when I'm not monastic.  I think...
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    Downsides of Converting

    Granted that it wasn't very nice but a few years ago he harrassed a friend of mine and his excuse was that he was worried about his soul.  A friend of mine didn't go along with his extremist views on Orthodox and Justin harrasssed him and claimed it was because he was worried about my friend's...
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    Downsides of Converting

    But Justin we're worried about your soul...  Sound familiar?  Sorry but bringing all of this up but it was very interesting.  We've all witnessed several of these on-line 'melt-downs' by former over-zealous converts such as yourself.  It's an interesting pathology. Certainly cradles also fall...
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    Downsides of Converting

    I've been a part of the on-line Orthodox world for years and I have seen more 'melt-downs' than I can remember.  There is just something 'weird' about gung ho converts jumping from one jurisdiction to another and then disappearing altogether.  Honestly, I can't keep it all straight anymore.  I...
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    New Year's Eve at a Catholic church.

    It seems fairly obvious to me what his "purpose for posting here" is.  He's a kid, not a troll.  He's trying to figure things out and he doesn't need nasty PMs or to be accused of trolling. 
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    The Problem of Orthodox Fundamentalism

    So if it's "okay" for women to be fat but not men then why are there no TV shows with fat women married to skinny, attractive men?  What is the equivalent to that dreadful show with John Belushi's brother?  Where's the female James Gandolfini? 
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    The Problem of Orthodox Fundamentalism

    So it's okay for women to be fat but not men?  What TV shows are you watching?  Fat Men and their Thin Wives