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  1. jewish voice

    Cremation Protestant view vs orthodox view and your personal view

    I have put off my joining of the orthodox church again over this issue. Soon be 2 years since my Dad passed away and it happened suddenly and unexpected. We never really as a family talked about such issues anyways we had my father cremated. I found out the orthodox church is against cremation...
  2. jewish voice

    Whats The Point In Prayer?

    If God is all knowing and things are decreed for us. What is really the point in praying? God always says that he doesn't change his mind many times in the bible. Does it really matter if I ask over and over again for something even if it's through Jesus name or not. I'm really having a hard...
  3. jewish voice

    My little update on why i haven't been posting much

    Last year around this time my mother asked me.well after all this searching and different faiths I been involved with what was my conclusion was. I said I'd be Catholic meaning in my mind Orthodox. Well few weeks after that my mother calls me back and says hey me and your father are going to...
  4. jewish voice

    I go away for a bit and this happens

    The look of the forum changes and I'm sorry I don't like it. I also don't like the little topic thing 're 're 're ect that's all I have to say  :)
  5. jewish voice

    what are some opions on the best OO

    jurisdictions for converts? I'm really liking the syraic orthodox  of Antioch. I would like opinions on best one for converts. I have a Coptic church near by as well. I'm going to write this week one of them to try and start my journey into the church. Ps how does one address the father in OO...
  6. jewish voice

    Do orthodox do novena type prayers

    I was just wondering if Orthodoxy does this as well as Rc do. I came across this prayer and wanted to try it and see if it would help me out. here is the prayer O Glorious St. Raphael, Patron and Lover of the Young, I call upon thee and plead with thee for thy help.In all confidence I open my...
  7. jewish voice

    should I or shouldn't I

    The other day I was on Facebook and saw that this chick that I've had a huge crush on since high school is friends with my cousin. We almost hooked up twice in the past but like a dumb butt I was to shy back in the day. Then I ran into her few years later when she was going through a divorce she...
  8. jewish voice

    could this be a mormon plot

    I seen and been reading about Glenn Beck and his new turn of heart and remaking his tv channel. I must say I really love his ideas of uplifting stories his bring Christ back into Christmas his some what pixar history house. It all sounds great. I can't help wounder if this isn't all a Mormon...
  9. jewish voice

    im torn on what to do now

    I never heard back from the priest of the eo church in my town. Only other close orthodox church is coptic to me at 40 mi away. Should I try there? Part of me don't want to drive that far when I'm home as my job is already driving everyday. Part of me thinks maybe I should just go to the rc...
  10. jewish voice

    Is it wrong to date more than one person at a time

    Is it wrong for me to be dating couple of women. I like each one for different reasons. If I could put all three together I'd marry that chick lol. What's your view on dating lots of people.
  11. jewish voice

    pls pray for me

    I have somethings coming at me in life right now. I'm asking for prayers for Me as I'm starting this journey into orthodoxy/ Christian I don't know if the devil's trying to keep me from progressing or just whatever pls pray that I pass these tests that I'm going through in my life right now
  12. jewish voice

    If I become Orthodox why should one pay

    If I was to become orthodox why should another pay for my sins or my ex wife sin? If I was to remarry and my new wife was never married why must she pay in having a less honorable wedding in the church? Why must she pay for something she had nothing to do with? Pls answer
  13. jewish voice

    Why Are You Mad At God

    I didn't see a thread on this topic I think we could use one to just sound off ,write it down speak it out. I'm pretty angry at God lately no point in hiding it. Atheist join in as well we all need to just vent it sometimes.  >:( Profanity replaced with something more appropriate for the...
  14. jewish voice

    The booted One

    I don't know how to say this you all might laugh or think I'm not telling the truth. I got booted from Islam in a way the other day  :'(  I was kinda told by many in the masjid not to come back as they feel I might be IDF under cover. Pretty much how I debate on these forums I do in real life...
  15. jewish voice

    Do you agree with Kevin Allen on the state of the church

    This question is about Kevin's last podcast. If you haven't listened to it you can go to afr to listen to it. My question is do you agree with Kevin on his view of the church right now. Or do you disagree  with it. he talked to a lot of different heads in the church so what say you?