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    Insights on the Council of Florence

    Get thee behind me Satan....
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    Do Catholics and Orthodox recognize each other's Sacraments/Mysteries as valid?

    We Orthodox do not depend on Roman Catholic approval of our sacraments to deem them valid. We know our sacraments are valid if that is the correct term. No outside approval is not required.
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    Does Orthodoxy believe good works have merit determining place in Heaven?

    Good works are a manifestation of Faith and are in seperable ...
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    Prayer in a State of Mortal Sin

    First of all we dont delineate between small sins and large sins.  Mortal sins and venial sins are not part of the Orthodox faith.  Sin is Sin .... Now if one wants to pray to God be he or she in sin Iam Quite sure that if the penitent is sincere that God will hear his message. As to whether or...
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    Orthodox continue to serve Communion with spoon, in days of virus

    We have not changed our reception of Holy Communion. 
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    Catholics move to Open Communion with Protestants

    You are absolutely correct. We Orthodox should not be too concerned as to what the Romans do with their sacraments. We do need to concentrate on our adherence to the Faith.
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    Vatican: Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved

    God's Mercy is limitless and He will be making the ultimate decision. We do know from scripture that Christ was emphatic "No one comes to the Father except through Me". So, I guess Christ wasnt suggesting that idea and that He was serious about it. Can this also be left up to interpretation? The...
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    Last thing you drank

    Cup of coffee at our Blessing of the Waters service.
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    Pope St. HormisdasI (b.450): The Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son

    Hi Mor....been a long time... Happy New Year
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    Pope St. HormisdasI (b.450): The Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son

    Another important ingredient to this discussion is the requirement of a General Council of all churches to approve or not approve the Filioque.... This is not even in the offing .... 
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    3 days and 3 nights

    See my post, I would have to agree
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    3 days and 3 nights

    The way it was explained to me was this: Friday at 3Pm aprox, Christ died on the cross, upon which the skies got dark like the dead of night, birds stopped chirping and the people fled in fear.... That was the end of the first day at that moment.  Second day was the actual end of the natural day...
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    Simple Proof the Catholic Church is the universal Church.

    How is that for coincidence, we are also Catholic....
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    order of Communion

    Kinda sad, most parishes that I have visited have a fairly good crowd for Communion.