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    formerly orthodox?

    I think the problem for couples today is that there are still huge social expectations surrounding a wedding: friends and family expect invitations and expect a big party, which takes lots of time and money to prepare for. Meanwhile, you're adults and expected to live on your own and make your...
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    Old vs. New Calendar?

    That assumes you can see the moon through the smog. :D But yeah, I agree if the whole switched at once to a more correct calendar, that would be better.
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    Theotokos' relationship with the Trinity?

    Don't Orthodox nuns do the same? Even if they don't, plenty of virgin martyrs in our hagiographies speak of themselves as betrothed to Christ.
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    Theotokos' relationship with the Trinity?

    Well, not necessarily. The spousal relationship between Christ and the Church doesn't have sexual implications (connotations, perhaps).
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    Theotokos' relationship with the Trinity?

    Well, mother to the Son definitely. Daughter to the Father is I suppose correct insofar as we can all call God our Father. Spouse to the Holy Spirit I'm really not sure about; I've never heard of the Spirit having a spousal relationship with anyone or anything. The bride of Christ, of course, is...
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    Old vs. New Calendar?

    The problem is that the church also mandated celebrating Pascha on the same dates. In practice, as we saw with Finland, the other churches aren't willing to break communion even over this. It seems they only care about the issue when groups in their own jurisdictions disagree with the reforms...
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    Picture of the Day

    Even better would be a photo of the perps themselves...
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    What are your pet peeves and OCD's?

    Peeve: People who fawn over Caitlyn Jenner. OCD: Obsessively reading snarky takedowns of people who fawn over Caitlyn Jenner.
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    Original Sin

    Thanks, Iconodule. I completely agree with OP that modern theologians are not the best go-to source on this issue. Too polemical.
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    W.A.G.-word association game

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    Creationism, Evolution, and Orthodoxy

    Or in Orthodoxy's Stalin cultists.
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    Gluttony 2.0 - The Worship of Healthy Food

    Yeah, though you're also right that the developing world still has less adequate health care. The point is that even as our circumstances are vastly improved, we will still find something to worry about.
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    Can transexuality be separated from homosexuality?

    I thought the East Germans were just pumped full of male hormones to build muscle. Were they genetically aberrant as well?
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    Can transexuality be separated from homosexuality?

    I'm not talking about denying their experiences, but about distinguishing between their experiences and reality.
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    The coming of the Messiah twice.

    Raylight can correct me here, but what I think he's asking is whether the OT prophesied that the Messiah would come twice, rather than just one time. We believe the Messiah has already come, but that he will come again at the end of the world, whereas Jews are looking forward to just one coming...