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    How would you respond? accusations against the Theotokos.

    This is a comment made by an Anglican priest about the Holy Theotokos. How would you respond to a comment like this?
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    Mount Athos Monks Won’t Move Out for EU

    Does anybody know the real story behind this?
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    Can a person summon the dead?

    In Samuel chapter 28, Saul seeks to talk to the departed prophet Samuel through the "witch of Endor". She summons a spirit who talks like Samuel but who rebukes Saul and predicts his death the next day. Is this really Samuel speaking or not? This brings up theological issues. Can a person summon...
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    Is the doctrine of the Trinity pagan in origin?

    One thing that keeps coming up in discussions about Christianity is the claim that the doctrine of the Trinity is of pagan origin. This claim is made by some Protestants, Jehovah's Witnesses, and even atheists. Can anyone point me to some *thorough* refutations of this?
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    Australian priests could be forced to breach seal of the confessional

    Australian priests could be forced to breach the seal of the confessional to report child sex abuse amid growing calls to end cover-ups involving the Catholic Church...
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    Orthodox Catholic Church in America

    I read an article yesterday written by a priest of the OCCA. I would like your thoughts and opinions of the following: They claim to be apostolic through the Old Catholic Church. They have married Bishops. They ordain women to the priesthood. They claim to be fully Orthodox I look forward...
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    Faith fading away

    Does everybody remember the film Back to the future where Marty is playing the guitar to earth angel, and he is fading away, then his parents to be kiss and he bounces back to life? I get like this sometimes with my faith, I don't know why! One...
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    Hundreds of Christians kidnapped in Syria

    In Syria some 300 Greek Catholics have been kidnapped in the village of Rableh, near the country’s border with Lebanon. Lord have mercy
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    What would you do?

    What would you do? A former Latin Rite Catholic You have been a catechumen in the Orthodox Church for 2 years, about to be received into the church in the next 2 months. Your wife has never been to the Orthodox Church with you with the Reason that she is “CATHOLIC”, Saying that she is one...
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    Sarah Catt jailed for full-term abortion of baby Some sense at last, now we need to get them to do the same for all pregnancies...
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    Is there a benedictine equivalent in western rite orthodoxy

    Is there a benedictine equivalent in western rite orthodoxy?
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    Hypothetical question on conversion and marriage.

    Let’s say if a Hindu was married to a person in the same faith, then one of them wanted to convert to Orthodoxy, the other not, how would the Converted person’s marriage be regarded in the Orthodox Church? This was asked on Facebook, but no answers yet!
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    Women bishops: Jesus was happy with female apostles. What is the CofE's problem?

    The Anglican church is embroiled in another debate over the role of women in its hierarchy. If the general synod refuses to back female bishops, it will be taking the wrong lessons from history For those arguing at the general synod about women bishops, it is probably too late to include much...
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    More Orthodox Priests arrested for fraud and theft.

    This seems to be happening rather a lot these days.... and here
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    Sexual Segregation in church

    I have been told that in the church I go to during the week that they have sexual segregation, women on the left and men on the right. I was told to move from the left to the right side (men's side they called it) even though there was only 3 people in church. Is this normal for a Greek...