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    For the repose of the servant of God, John Aldridge

    John was a wonderful, wise and funny man, and an active and beloved member of our parish family. Please pray for the repose of his soul and for his wife of over 40 years, his three children and grandson. May his memory be eternal!
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    please pray for Fr. Jacob

    Please remember our parish priest and his wife in your prayers, Fr. Jacob and Mat. Rebecca. He is in ICU, with flu, pneumonia and a possible staph infection.
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    Presbytera's eye surgery

    Please pray for a good friend of mine, Presbytera Marinda who is undergoing serious eye surgery today, and who will not be able to see for some time.
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    Your prayers for a young couple in our parish...

    whose baby was stillborn right before the wife's due date. Please keep Meg and Josh and little Joanna Grace in your prayers.
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    Please pray for Mary Evelyn 7 yr. old girl with cancer

    Mary Evelyn is the sweetest little girl, with a heart and faith that illuminates our parish. She was diagnosed several years ago with neuroblastoma and has had two years in remission. Now the cancer has returned. Please pray for her and her parents, Mark and Edna...
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    The Authority of Scripture

    This thread split from the following discussion: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,19524.0.html --YtterbiumAnalyst This kind of thinking has always puzzled me, so perhaps cleopas or david can explain why you recognize the authority of Scripture, but not the authority...