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    An example of the current state of traditional Catholicism

    Oh, no, it's the end of the world!!!!!!  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
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    American Liturgical Vestments

    I dunno, I've mad two chasubles over the years. Oh, of course western vestments, but hey...
  3. Keble

    Do Western Rite Orthodox Churches Westernize the style of Orthodox holidays?

    Technically it isn't a carol, but be that as it may, there would be entrance and recessional hymns, a hymn at the gospel, a hymn or anthem at the offertory, and hymns sung during communion, at least when following the Anglican-derived rite. The Roman version, for arch-trads, would have the same...
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    Do Western Rite Orthodox Churches Westernize the style of Orthodox holidays?

    As far as church music is concerned I would expect most use the 1940 Episcopal Hymnal.
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    Is the "Holy Family" Icon heretical?

    Here's the problem with that kind of reasoning, and it is a three-fold problem. First, it is far more objectionable (and for a Protestant, an absolute objection) to teach something which is against scripture, and an icon which shows Mary rather Joseph presenting the Holy Child can be reasonably...
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    An example of the current state of traditional Catholicism

    For example, in the Episcopal apocalypse, Donald Trump gets elected president.  8)
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    Russian Lectionary With Antiochian Gospel

    Here's the lectionary of the Byzantine Catholic Church in America, which claims to be following a Byzantine pattern but which seems to be using the "weeks after Pentecost" numbering. Perhaps this will help.
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    Schlock Icons

    I would tend to agree. Some of his more conventional ones are interesting if not something I would have in my house, but there are those that are blasphemous in a rather squicky, sexualized way.
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    Is it an Orthodox canon that Mary remained a virgin "before, during, and after"?

    Well, yeah: no stretch marks, not having to go to the bathroom a lot.... There is a line of pious opinion which plainly derives from "female stuff is icky", and given the vision of St. Bridget of Sweden apparently women are not immune from this thinking. Really, they would try to push the...
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    Contraception and the Orthodox Church: Contemporary Theology and Tradition

    That is an intolerable presumption, almost more a sin than a fallacy-- and perhaps a sign of a heart predisposed to the sin that it condemns. Nobody may presume to know the reasoning of a man and woman under these circumstances, unless they be told.
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    Catholic Church Music

    ex-Episcopalians? Cheating.
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    Catholic Church Music

    Well, for the All Souls Day mass at National Cathedral they used the Durufle requiem. Oh wait-- they're Episcopalians, so no problems with having good music. :P
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    Which is Easier to Learn to Speak: French or German?

    Only if you're speaking to a Parisian, who will sneer at you anyway. The main thing about French is that the verbs are nasty almost from the start. The good news is, once you get that out of the way, that's the worst it's going to get.
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    A thread for ignorant Europeans

    I've never seen such a sticker.
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    On the scriptural content of Orthodox vs. heterodox services

    I have no idea what's going on here but when one starts talking about scriptural content there's the question both of the readings and of which services one has in mind. I can't speak to the LCMS but most everyone these days outside the Orthodox is using some three year cycle for the eucharistic...