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    Current Events, Prophecy, and the Eschaton

    Source for Elder Ephraim please?
  2. kelly

    For a private intention

    Thanks, all.
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  4. kelly

    Orthodoxy in art

    I have a print of this framed in my bedroom.
  5. kelly

    For the repose of a friend

    Bumping for the 16th anniversary.
  6. kelly

    For the repose of John

    For the repose of the soul of John, who died two days ago from cancer. Wonderful, kind, creative, funny guy. Also for a special intention of mine.
  7. kelly

    For me

    Several things going on that I'd rather not elaborate on. God knows :) thank you!
  8. kelly

    Random Postings

    He was in my state for a church festival.
  9. kelly

    Random Postings

    I met TheTrisagion on Sunday and it was just about what I expected.
  10. kelly

    What does everyone look like?

    Somebody in this thread just messaged and asked if I'm single. I think they meant to send that to ZZ.
  11. kelly

    What does everyone's online persona look like?

    Needs more toddler and black Labrador
  12. kelly

    What does everyone look like?

    Maybe that was the point.
  13. kelly

    What does everyone look like?

    I've sat on that couch with ZZ and it was everything I dreamt it would be.
  14. kelly

    What does everyone look like?

  15. kelly

    What is everyone's online persona's theme song?

    WPM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ybQWD6N6Zo