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    OC.net – A Brief “Tale” About the Largest English Orthodox Christian Forum

    The Monachos forum was established in September, 2000. There may well be have been other English-language Orthodox forums set up before 2002.
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    Those touchy impostors

    Astounding that the towering intellect that is Simkins doesn't know there are these thingies called teleprompters. Newsreaders, politicians and public speakers have used them for decades.
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    Is it Epiphany or Theophany?

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    SDA Discussion (Split from "When Did Orthodox Christian Network...")

    Above quote has been added by me to reflect where I split off posts from the other thread.  This post seemed relevant for both threads, which is why I'm quoting it here in LBK's post. --Mina I admire your zeal, LarryP2, but your fears are unfounded. There's no way converts from such a sect...
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    Iconographic tradition of the Theotokos

    And yet, we can see in this illumination the beginnings of the western separation from the fullness of true iconographic tradition: the absence of the stars of ever-virginity on the Mother of God's maphorion.  :(
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    The word Bloody

    Forty years ago, perhaps. The F bomb is still considered obscene in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, but bloody has long ago been stripped of its former odium, according to my friends from those countries, and as is evident in its use over the past generation in TV shows of PG rating and...
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    A Better Amercia!

    You thought a Dan Quaylesque fiasco couldn't happen again? Heh.  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: http://storify.com/timjhanrahan/a-better-amercia-romney-app-typo-goes-viral Cigar award: Mitt Romney misspelled America on his new app, which is no big deal until he invades Iraq when he meant Iran.
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    Question for Fr Chris

    Fr Chris, you have stated that you have venerated the relics of St Patrick. For the benefit of those of us who are interested, could you tell us where they are kept? Such information is not always easily found.
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    Update on Abp Abundius

    Milan Synod retires Abp Abundius http://news-nftu.blogspot.com/2011/11/milan-synod-retires-abp-abundius.html It was announced today that Abp Abundius of Lecco has voluntarily retired from the episcopate, leaving four active Bishops in the Milan Synod. The motives for his retirement are...
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    What Is a Christian Response to Miscarriage?

    This thread started here on the Prayer Forum:  http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,24039.0.html  -PtA If it's any comfort to the couple, the loss of this baby means that it was "not meant to be". Nature/biology has a way of working out whether a foetus is "viable", and...
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    Let's judge each other!

    Sorry to spoil the party, folks, but quite a few of the images on this site are not icons at all, but simply religious or devotional paintings, beautiful as they may be. There is a world of difference between the two. Split from this thread.
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    Prayers to Inanimate Objects

    Alveus, the Cross, the chains of Apostle Peter, etc are venerated by the Church, in the same way as an icon is venerated. Here are links to the liturgical texts for the Veneration of the Cross for the 3rd Sunday of Lent: http://www.anastasis.org.uk/cross_vespers.htm...
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    Liturgical Practices of New Skete

    Fr Deacon Lance, they might have started out as Byzantine Catholic Franciscans, but they were received into the Orthodox Church, and therefore, are to abide by the doctrines and traditions of Orthodoxy. An analogy would be that of a protestant received into Orthodoxy, and maintaining a belief...
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    Nationalism Disguised as Orthodoxy

    This thread started here:  Obedience to Christ's Teachings  -PtA Heorhij, I have had long experience with Russians and the Russian Church. This which you describe is entirely unknown to me as an aspect of Russian Orthodoxy, other than the blessing of nuclear warheads was likely something...