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    How to address a Russian Orthodox priest in a letter?

    спасибо, Лиза!
  2. Lepanto

    How to address a Russian Orthodox priest in a letter?

    Thanks for the link, Asteriktos. But I plan to write the letter in Russian. Yeah, it will no be great, but I hope understandable and there are translation programs that help a lot. I am just really unsure about beginning and ending the letter.
  3. Lepanto

    How to address a Russian Orthodox priest in a letter?

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any reply!
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    How to address a Russian Orthodox priest in a letter?

    Hi all, what would be the appropriate way to begin and end a letter to an Orthodox priest, in Russian? It is going to be a physical letter, not email. Also, the sender is not an Orthodox christian, but Catholic - I do not know whether this plays any role. Would the Russian equivalent of "Bless...
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    Old catholic mass now restricted (Traditiones Custodes)

    Nobody married any homosexuals. It is not possible. And "by and large" is an exaggeration. Not too many homosexual couples were actually interested in receiving a blessing from an entity that until recently (or still) stated that practicing homosexuality was a sin. Which makes the whole thing...
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    Pope Francis reverses Benedict, reimposes restrictions on Latin Mass

    Probably, the motu proprio won't change too much, at least mid-term. Many bishops don't seem to find a need to take any immediate action. Of course, in the long run, the effects cannot be known yet. By then, there might be a new Pope - and maybe a new motu proprio. The average Catholic isn't...
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    The truth about Orthodox/Catholic relations

    @sestir : Thanks for your perspective. I am with you, I prefer e.g. a deeply protestant Sweden to a largely atheist a thousand times over. I obviously just don't want the Catholic Church to become protestant.
  8. Lepanto

    The truth about Orthodox/Catholic relations

    Some of the things noahzarc1 said make a lot of sense to me, others less. For instance, there is a group of traditional Catholics who will not hesitate to call Eastern Orthodox schismatics and heretics, true. But the majority by far imho holds a grudging admiration for Orthodoxy in general, as...
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    The truth about Orthodox/Catholic relations

    You nailed it. The large majority of both Orthodox and Catholics are not at all interested in the respective other faith. Why should they? They are busy with their daily lives, working, raising children and, ideally, trying to grow in their faith. It is only those who are in those mixed...
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    Fátima and Marian Apparitions

    Hmm... Would the enemy not be afraid of the Dei Genetrix who will eventually destroy him? Even more so of her son? If the vision makes you feel humbled and totally unworthy but deeply happy to have been blessed with a vision of St. Mary, how could this possibly come from the enemy? This is...
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    Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions

    I am confused and don't really understand. Why should a Pope say such things? It doesn't make any sense to me. It is probably best to just not read any news these days.
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    Parousia - your thoughts

    This was something I repeatedly thought about lately. And so, hey, why not ask the forum! I know and have read some theological explanations, but I would like to hear what you think about it personally. Also, I do not think I know what the Orthodox point of view is here. Early Christianity was...
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    Someone been to Prague lately? I´d like to buy an icon  (where?) of the patron saint L. of Bohemia and go to her tomb at St. George´s. Is this possible?
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    Pope Francis gives away relics of St. Peter to EP

    https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2019/07/02/pope-gives-relics-of-st-peter-to-orthodox-patriarch/ I found no appropriate emoticon to describe how I feel about this.
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    Please pray for my father-in-law

    Please pray for my FIL, an Orthodox Christian, who passed away unexpectedly this morning.