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  1. littlepilgrim64

    Where to purchase a standing glass oil lamp?

    Suggestions please. I thought that I might be able to find something suitable at a thrift store, but haven't been able to.
  2. littlepilgrim64

    Greeting a priest in public

    Question - I know how one should greet a priest in church, but what if you happen to run into your priest in public? (For example, if he and his family are at a restaurant sitting down and eating or you bump into him while shopping at a grocery store).
  3. littlepilgrim64

    Akathist Hymn to our Sweetest Lord Jesus Christ

    As a relatively newly chrismated Orthodox, I was looking this hymn over in my prayer book and wanted to learn to chant it. It's just so beautiful! Found the following version on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgyRV60Sl9s How does one go about learning to chant this and various other...
  4. littlepilgrim64

    Saint Joseph

    Today is Saint Joseph's Day for Roman Catholics. I was raised Catholic (now am Orthodox) and was curious as to why he really isn't really mentioned much in Orthodoxy. I have seen icons of "The Holy Family", but they are Western.
  5. littlepilgrim64

    Keeping the Lenten fast for those with diabetes

    This will be my first year fasting for Great Lent, as I was recently received into the Church.  For those here who are diabetics, what type of modifications are you finding you are having to make so that your blood sugar levels don't drop too low or spike up too high? I know each individual is...
  6. littlepilgrim64

    Refurbished laptops

    Unable to afford a new laptop, but would like to look into purchasing a refurbished one with Windows 7. Any particular make(s) better than others.  Also - the best place to look for one online.  Thanks  :)
  7. littlepilgrim64

    A stressed out teacher

    Please pray for my friend, Panayiotis. He is an elementary school teacher in the New York City public school system and undergoing extreme stress with his position and meeting the expectations of his supervisors. He is a few years from retiring, but doesn't know if he can continue. He has severe...
  8. littlepilgrim64

    My chrismation

    Lord willing, I will be received into the Church at the end of February. I'm counting the weeks!!! Please keep me in your prayers. I have many long-time friends who are Protestant that I will be speaking to over the next few weeks and I am in need of wisdom as to how to share with them my...
  9. littlepilgrim64

    Facebook friend issue

    Anyway to stop a FB friend from "shadowing" you and commenting on posts from other friends of yours (that they don't even know) that you have commented on?  I don't know how my comments to other friends of mine pop up in her news feed. I'm not seeing any of my other FB friends comments to...
  10. littlepilgrim64

    Need help with translation on an icon

    Would someone be able to translate the wording at the bottom of this icon for me? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Image-of-Mary-and-Baby-Jesus-with-Stand-/221438602570?hash=item338ec4ed4a:g:v9IAAMXQNo5TcPo5
  11. littlepilgrim64

    Chrysler Museum of Art (Norfolk,VA) - Icon Exhibition

    Currently running through January 10, 2016 http://www.chrysler.org/exhibitions/saints-and-dragons/
  12. littlepilgrim64

    Eusebius regarding Panagia and the saints

    I just started reading The History of the Church - Eusebius (G.A. Williamson translation) and I am only in the Introduction on page 11 and he comments (about this work): This has left me confused.  Those who have read this, can you fill me in on why the translator might be commenting in such a...
  13. littlepilgrim64

    Commentary on daily Gospel/Epistle readings

    Is there an Orthodox resource (a "daily devotional") that offers a commentary or sermon on the daily Gospel/Epistle readings throughtout the Church year?
  14. littlepilgrim64

    Hit my head

    I think only this could happen to me . . . A few minutes ago went to move fridge ever so slightly to put my step stool back next to it and a heavy decorative picture that I have on top (duh, should have removed it first) fell down, hit me on the head above my right temple area and crashed into...
  15. littlepilgrim64

    Message disappeared

    Hi guys, I was just in the middle of PMing someone and accidentally hit "escape" key and my message got wiped out.  For future reference, is there a way to recover what you wrote?