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    Orthodox family express

    My family and I were thinking of taking a summer road trip to various parishes across the country.  Can anyone recommend some vibrant, family oriented parishes to visit?  Anywhere in the Continental USA is in our path.
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    My PTSD video clip

    If you know anyone suffering from psychological trauma, especially PTSD, you must watch and share this video with them. A good friend and key figure behind the movies Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Night at the Museum, and many more awesome films, helped me shoot this in her home. Please...
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    Memory Eternal John Wooden

    Memory Eternal to John Wooden, one of my heroes.  He was a faithful christian and one of our country's greatest leaders.  He grew up just a few miles from where I live, and one of his brothers was a teacher of mine in High School.  Memory Eternal Coach. "Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is...
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    My article on PTSD in Washington Post

    The Washington Post was kind enough to publish an article I wrote about my experience with PTSD.  I would appreciate it if you would check it out.  It's something often misunderstood, and after being at war for almost a decade, the toll on our troops is enormous...
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    Met. Philip directs Parishes to disregard directives from Bishops w/out his sig

    This is going to end very ugly. But hopefully that will just clear the way for something better.  You couldn't make this stuff up.
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    Pray for suicidal veteran

    Please pray for a suicidal veteran I spoke with tonight.  He's in therapy and he's so bad his counselor is having trouble. This is someone who is hopeless and needs to find hope in something very soon.  Lord have mercy.
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    Prayer for Grandma Toodles

    My grandma "Toodles" died yesterday morning at home with her family.  Please pray for her, and everyone that loved her.  She was 90 and left behind a legacy of much love.  We spent the day before she died singing hymns and reading from scripture with her, it was probably the most blessed thing...
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    Pray for young soldier who killed himself in movie theater

    I spoke and performed at Camp Atterbury, Indiana tonight and met with the family friend of a young soldier on leave from Afghanistan who shot himself in the head two days ago.  He did this in a movie theater watching a film with his younger brothers and friends. Please, reach out to one of our...
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    Pray for homeless veterans, and I want to give thanks

    I had a really magical thing happen to me the other day at a facility where I share my program, The Ladder UPP, with once homeless veterans.  Please say a prayer for homeless veterans.  I also want to share this post from my blog, grace is all around us. I also want to give thanks for the man...
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    Praise God for Mom and new Baby!!! 12lbs!

    Caught a call at 5pm to come home.  At 8:22pm Georgia Evelyn was born at home with a water birth.  She weighed 12lbs!!!!!  :o :o :o A new family record! Praise God!  Mom and Baby are doing great!
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    Sixth child coming soon!

    My wife is a few days past due with our sixth child.  Prayers for a safe birth and healthy baby would be appreciated!
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    John Hughes letters to a teenage fan, must read

    If you were a fan of the director John Hughes who just passed away, you must read this account from a fan who for a short time was a pen pal of his.  It is incredibly poignant and touching.  I'll never watch "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", etc. the same way again...
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    Lazarus Saturday and my visit to the tomb

    Lazarus Saturday is tomorrow and it always transports me back over a decade when my Dad and I visited the Holy Land.  I was able to descend into Lazarus' tomb and I will never forget that moment.  I was on the verge of converting to Orthodoxy and treading foot where tomorrow's Gospel came to...
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    Demons, Angels and Me

    I've been reading a treasure of a book, "Words of a Sheperd". It's a collection of writings by the Serbian Priest Vojislav Dosenovich.  He survived horrors in WWII as a little boy then moved to the US where he was a priest for many years in Omaha.  The writings are all very practical homilies on...
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    "God Particle" and "The Grid"

    Very interesting science about to be ramped up, the search for the Higgs boson, the mysterious element that gives matter mass and is thought to only have existed just after the big bang, and "the grid" the fiber optic internet set up around the world to analyze the information from the...